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The Folding E-Bike: Pedego Latch

April 1, 2021

The best part of an electric bike is being able to go further and longer than would normally be able to on a regular acoustic bicycle… but what if you really want to go the distance? Sometimes transporting your e-bike isn’t always feasible, without a bike rack or larger vehicle; however, Pedego has a model that eliminates the guessing game of how to get your bike from point A to point B. The Pedego Latch is a folding e-bike that combines the same level of top-tier quality Pedego is known for, with the convenience of folding tightly together to be able to transport it effortlessly.

The Pedego Latch folding ebike.

Convenience Without Compromise

The Pedego Latch is an electric folding bike like no other, as it rides like a dream and easily folds in seconds. It gives you the freedom to travel in comfort and style, without the worry of transporting your bike from one place to another. It is both compact and lightweight, but the performance of the Latch leaves nothing to be desired. It has a state-of-the-art geared motor which gives you a sensation of power that is exhilarating, but what is unique to the Latch is a gates carbon belt drive that delivers a seamless, quiet ride with no messy chain grease. An internally geared hub provides easy pedaling and smooth shifting, and the Latch is outfitted with both pedal assist settings and a throttle to enable you to conquer any road ahead.

Once the Latch is folded, it can stand up by being supported by the seat post or can be tipped over to rest on pads attached to the rear rack. The Latch is available in 3 unique colors, black, lime, or space blue and starts at $2795. However, the most important aspect of every Pedego is the person riding it, as the Latch can be adjusted to people of all shapes and sizes allowing comfortable, easy riding, for nearly everyone. Designed with you in mind, the Pedego Latch makes riding fun and practical. The Pedego Latch will ‘set you free’ enabling you to travel in comfort and style wherever you may roam.

Hello, Fun!

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