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Pedego Donates Electric Bike to Child of Phoenix Children’s Hospital

March 12, 2021

Helping a child in need, Pedego Electric Bikes worked in partnership with Angela’s Angels, a charity that believes compassion combined with technology can provide a positive role in the recovery of pediatric patients, to donate an electric bike to a child at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

On February 24, 2021 Steve Pike and Sherry Roueche, owners of Pedego Glendale Peoria, presented a brand new Pedego Comfort Cruiser to Mark, a 12 year-old child with a heart condition, at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Steve and Sherry of Pedego Glendale gifted the bike to Mark in front of his family and cardiologist outside the hospital. Haley Chapman, Corporate Development Officer, from the Phoenix Children’s Hospital shares, “Mark was so surprised and honored the bike was all for him.” Mark’s family shared with Steve and Sherry that he loves riding bikes with his family but was never able to keep up; however, it is with his new Pedego that that will soon change!

“We love supporting the community in which we live and work. My wife, Sherry, and I were honored to be able to make this gift that will have such an impact on his quality of life.” says Steve Pike, Owner at Pedego Glendale Peoria.

Pedego Glendale / Peoria team donated electric bike to child in need

Angela Roberts, Executive Director of Angela’s Angels, initially reached out to Pedego Glendale with this opportunity as she has a close affection for both Pedego and helping others with heart conditions. Angela’s father, Carl Roberts, is a long-time Pedego enthusiast and has experienced heart issues of his own.

Angela shares, “My dad was having heart valve issues– they said he might even have to have surgery– and since he’s been riding his Pedego so much over the last few years, he got a really good check up last week from his cardiologist. The doctor said I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep it up, your valve is healing. My dad shared with his doctor that he was riding his Pedego electric bike everywhere and in fact he said, ‘I’m on it today!!!’ It’s just so amazing that my dad at 78 years old can ride 30 miles a day on an electric bike.”

Carl Roberts is a customer of Pedego Glendale and when Steve and Sherry heard about the donation opportunity, they didn’t give it a second thought, as they knew they wanted to help pay it forward to a child in need. Pedego Glendale worked closely with both Pedego Headquarters and Angela’s Angels to execute the donation and are glad they were able to put a smile on Mark’s face.

Pedego is looking forward to hearing about how much Mark loves riding his new Comfort Cruiser and the adventures it takes him on. If you are interested in trying out a Pedego bike for yourself in the Glendale/ Peoria area or want to learn more about Pedego’s full-range lineup of e-bikes, rentals, services, and accessories be sure to visit Steve and Sherry at Pedego Glendale.

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