Can you imagine earning a living doing something that you love?

There are lots of great reason to open a Pedego store, but the best one is simple. It’s fun!

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Electric bikes are one of the hottest products of the decade.

The NPD Group market research firm reports that electric bike sales grew by 145% last year in the United States.

With Pedego as a partner, you’re in the right place, at the right time to capitalize on a once in a lifetime growth opportunity.


Pedego Business Model


Few of life’s pleasures are as sweet as selling a Pedego. It feels good to see the smiles on your customers’ faces, and to hear the stories about how owning a Pedego has changed their lives.

Rentals & Tours

Pedego rentals & tours are the best way to explore an area for locals and visitors alike. They are also one of the best ways to reach new people and let them experience the joy of riding a Pedego for the very first time.


Accessories provide easy, incremental revenue with great profit margins. A typical Pedego customer will spend several hundred dollars on accessories at the time of purchase and even more later.


When someone buys a Pedego from you, it’s only the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship. Providing excellent maintenance and repair service will delight your customers, and it can also be a major profit center.



You’re in business for yourself, but you’re never by yourself.

Pedego is built on two basic principles. First, delight our customers; and second, support our stores. Without Pedego stores, there would be no Pedego. Your success comes first!

Pedego’s world-class support takes all the guesswork out of owning a store, saves you a tremendous amount of time and money, and really sets you up for success. All with no royalties or fees!


Getting Rolling

Opening a new business can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Pedego makes it much more quick and easy to get rolling. We’re with you every step of the way through site selection, store buildout, your initial order, and the fun really begins with your grand opening celebration.

Education & Training

You and your team will learn from the very best in the business. We provide hands-on technical training and follow up support to help you master the skills required to maintain and repair Pedego products. The exclusive “Pedego Buying Experience” sales training program includes personalized coaching that will empower you to delight your customers.

Graphic Design

Our talented design team is at your service. We provide you tons of free printed materials, including everything from your business cards to a full- length “hello, fun…” magazine to share the joy of owning a Pedego with prospects. A variety of signs and displays are designed for you, along with any custom projects you can dream up. We’ll even design a custom logo featuring local landmarks and cultural icons.

Local Marketing

You’ll have access to an exclusive Local Marketing Guide that is packed with useful information and proven marketing strategies. We provide a one- on-one consultation and ongoing coaching to help you reach your highest sales potential and take full advantage of all the marketing support that’s available from Pedego.

Local Web Presence

We host and manage your web page for free. Our digital marketing professionals will manage local search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search campaigns. Your customers will have an interactive online experience where they can get to know you, learn detailed product information, watch inspiring videos about customers, get answers to common questions, and shop for their favorite Pedego.

Social Media & Listings

Our in-house social media experts will establish and optimize key social media accounts, directory listings, review site profiles to enhance your shop’s online visibility and community engagement. Pedego also provides a free professional listing management service to make sure that all your online information is consistent, up to date, and accurate.

Dealer Meeting

We hold an annual conference where you can rub elbows with a supportive community of fellow store owners. It’s one big, happy family where everyone shares best practices and learns from each other. This is where we review our progress and unveil our strategies for the year ahead. Above all, we celebrate and have fun!


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There’s strength in numbers.

As a Pedego store owner, a helping hand is always within reach. In addition to the team at Pedego, all your fellow Pedego store owners are never more than a phone call away.

You’ll find a warm and welcoming community of like-minded entrepreneurs always eager to lend a hand.

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Pedego San Diego

“We wanted a business that would reconnect us as a family, and we found that through Pedego.”

Sean and Chelsea Chavez, Loving Parents

Pedego Myrtle Beach

“When a customer buys a bike from me, I know in my heart that I‘ve helped them in a way that no other product can. It’s an experience that I can’t even describe.”

Aaron Maynard, Retired Military

Pedego Scottsdale

“This is ours. For the first time in my life, I’m not working for somebody else. It’s cool to own your own business!”

Kathy Puryear, Retired Schoolteacher

Pedego La Quinta & Petoskey

“This doesn’t feel like work to me! Every day is an exciting new adventure. I literally jump out of bed in the morning!!!”

Bryan Newman, Former Golf Professional

Pedego Norfolk

“The thing I love the most is the smile I bring to people’s faces. It never gets old!”

Amy Oliver, Realtor

Pedego 30A

I’m not really selling electric bikes – I’m selling fun.

Jason Medina, Retired Military