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Oh, the Places You Will Go On a Pedego – Featuring The Wanderpreneurs

March 26, 2021

In 2017 my family of four decided to make a life altering change. We got rid of 90% of our stuff, bought an RV and started traveling full time in our new home on wheels! We were tired of the mundane and busy lives we were leading, and decided to leave it all in search of something more. What we found was bigger and better than we could have imagined…

Only a few short months after we first mentioned the idea of radically changing our lifestyle, we were on the road and driving away from our house in the Atlanta, GA suburbs. It was a whirlwind of major downsizing, planning, researching and DOING. We were determined to make our crazy idea a reality!

After our house was empty and ready for its new occupants, we drove away with a mixture of excitement and sadness. We loved our neighbors and friends we were leaving behind, but had high hopes that there was so much adventure waiting out there for us.

What we quickly found was a slower, more relaxed way of living. There was no more rushing off to meetings or sports practices, no more early alarms for school or tests to stress out over. We were doing our own thing in our own way, and it was amazing.

My husband, Aaron, owned his own small business, so he continued to work as we traveled. I had owned my own photography business, but had gotten burned out and was excited to step away and focus on documenting our travels instead. We pulled the kids out of school and began road schooling them- learning lessons through life on the road!

Without a big mortgage and utility payments, we were saving money by using campground memberships and focusing on free and cheap entertainment such as hiking and biking in the beautiful places we visited. Our bikes were older, and after 2 years on the road, we knew we needed to upgrade to bikes that were made well and would be able to keep up with our active lifestyle!

We stumbled upon a Pedego booth at an RV show we were visiting in Quartzsite, AZ and jumped at the chance to actually get on an e-bike and try it out. Aaron had been intrigued by e- bikes for awhile, but I wasn’t convinced we had the space for them, as our home is only 400sq. ft! The guys at the Pedego booth showed us how the Latch easily folds up, and I excitedly realized it might just work for us to upgrade to e-bikes after all!

After we all test drove one and learned all about how awesome they are, we let that show as proud Pedgeo owners! One huge benefit that sold us on Pedego was the number of stores they have nationwide! Wherever we go, we know we’re not too far from a store in case we need any service or accessories for our Pedegos.

My daughter and I each got a folding Latch, which we love, and my husband and son each chose an Element, and they love being able to ride on the desert trails with their fat tires. We have had quite a few adventures so far with our Pedegos!
We enjoy boondocking, which is camping without hookups, and while we were in Quartzsite, the boys loved taking their Elements on the rocky dirt roads all around the mountains in that area. The friends we were with also enjoyed trying them out and had some pretty epic desert rides there!

Wanderprenuers riding their bikes in the desert.

Our first family ride together started in La Quinta, CA. We stopped by the Pedego store there to say hello to the store owner, Bryan, whom we had met at the Pedego tent in Quartzsite. We asked him where we could ride in the area, and were directed to a great trail nearby. We really enjoyed riding at the Fred Wolf Bear Creek Nature Preserve. There were lots of pretty mountain views!

Huntington Beach Trail was the first beach ride we ever did, and we invited a few family members to join us as we cruised the trail with calming ocean views. On parts of the trail it got a little crowded, and we had to go very slow, but we just enjoyed the salty air and beach vibes and still had a great ride.

One of the most scenic places we’ve ridden is at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. Red Rock canyon is one of our favorite places to visit when we’re in Vegas, and until we got our Pedegos, we had only hiked there. There is a 13 mile scenic drive that is just stunning, and it’s perfect for biking! It’s a wide one way road, perfect for cars and bikers to easily share. Aaron and I went on a day date ride there and it was a memory we’ll never forget!

We often travel with friends, and love letting our friends use our e-bikes as well. We often take turns riding around the RV parks we stay at, getting exercise in the most fun way! We love causing our friends and family to fall in love with Pedegos, just as we have. It’s a guaranteed smile when they first feel the pedal assist push them to 20mph for the first time!

We have an amazing summer itinerary planned, and we’re super excited to find new trails and new adventures. If you want to follow along with our travels, we post daily on the.wanderpreneurs as well as and we have a blog with lots of information about RV living. If you see that we’re in your area, we’d love for you to reach out and say hi and get your recommendations for the best bike trails nearby.

The past 2+ years have been nothing short of amazing. We’ve been stretched and grown in so many ways, and our family is closer than ever. We’re present for every part of our kids’ lives, and we’re making memories that will last a lifetime. Meeting so many other families who are doing exactly what we’re doing has been an unexpected and welcome surprise! Full time RV travel is becoming more and more popular, and we love traveling and doing life with these like- minded people.

We love inspiring others to get outside and also to travel whenever possible. Taking risks and making big changes can be intimidating, but you never know what blessings and adventures could be waiting in the unknown.

Until Next Time,

The Wanderprenuers: Aaron, Lauren, Casen, and Calista