Electric Quality E-Bikes

March 19, 2012

To E-Bike Or Not To E-Bike, That is The Question

When asking the age-old consumer question, “what is different about this new product than what I currently have?”, a dozen ingrained patterns of consumer scrutiny are applied. Sometimes within moments of comparison you realize that what you have is far superior, or good enough, and likewise, sometimes within moments you realize that this new product is a must have. When looking to compare electric bikes to their more antiquated manual predecessors, it tends to be more of an instance of “must have” consumerism. A new electric bike can take your smallest or greatest biking pleasures and magnify them by combining high quality and fun.

So what exactly is the difference between old-school manual powered bikes and new, fun electric bikes? The list of reasons can become numerous but also excitingly simple to follow. To begin with, high quality electric bikes are an addition to any exercise program. With powerful eco-friendly batteries and premium motor components, electric bikes can supplement the best of what your body has to offer. Why sculpt your exercise routine around the limits of your physical ability? With an e-bike you can let the excitement and spontaneity take over so that you can just get your work out clothes on and go for a ride. If you ever find that you have out-done yourself, or even if something comes up meaning you need to “rush” home, an electric bicycle will have the power to keep you out of trouble and propel you where you need to go. Never feel limited by your body again when you sit yourself on the comfortable seat of a powerful e-bike.

Further comparing regular bikes to electric bikes, the form is a little different, while the function remains the same! With a motor in the back and a battery and distance gauges on the handle-bars, you can see that there are some slight variations that will inherently come with an e-bike. Along with handle-bar throttle control, sometimes it might feel more like a small motorcycle than an actual bike! This addition of electric components will facilitate any rider onto the rode and then support them throughout whatever their goal is.

From very young to older in age, an electric bike brings a level of control, comfort and safety that its un-electronic older brother can sometimes lack, which is yet another key comparison. You won’t ever find that an e-bike is the reason you chose not to embark on an adventure or the reason someone warns you that maybe you are over doing it. Let an e-bike be the wind beneath your wings (if you need it) and never let the troubles or hassles of manual powered bikes bog you down again.