Electric Bike Injury Recovery

March 19, 2012

E-Bikes – A Safe Injury Recovery Workout

While electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, it is good to remember that these great bikes are a great way to cater to a lot more situations than a normal bike. One particular way to use an electric bike is to facilitate an injury rehabilitation program. Since these bikes have a powerful lithium-ion battery, they can reach speeds of 20mph with battery power alone, meaning that you won’t ever be stranded or stuck with something hurting. If you are nursing a recovering knee or ankle injury, have some weakness or pain somewhere, or are even trying to take it easy in one way or another, an electric bicycle is the promise of being able to stay active and fit, without the fear of overdoing it.

Electric bikes are so safe and easy to use that we are sure you will have phenomenal results if added to any injury recovery, rehabilitation or strengthening work out. Depending on what your concern is, there are even varying types of bikes that could do the job better for you. Our classic cruiser design has the look and feel of a typical bike frame, and if you are capable, will grant you all of the boons talked about above. However, if you are worried about your strength or ability to carefully mount a bike, Pedego even offers a step-through cruiser design with a sloping frame, allowing for easy and safe step-through mounting without having to swing a leg high and wide over a bike frame.

Any questions to effectiveness should also be addressed with the simple perks of any electric bike. The ability to add manual power when needed or wanted, and the same ability to relax a little and maybe in your case, be good to an injury, will make it clearly shine over almost any other rehab alternative. Sometimes the mentality of, “no pain, no gain” can be a little overdoing it when you are recovering from an injury. At the same time though, our electric bikes will let you go longer and get more exercise in your target areas, without ever pushing the threshold of too much or danger to re-injure.

Don’t hesitate to browse our selection and find an electric bicycle that will suit your needs. Find a bike you like and order directly from the website today!