Art and Motion on Bicycles

May 4, 2015


Cody’s artistry with wood really shows in his colorful custom fenders.

Growing up in sunny SoCal had many perks, not the least of which was enjoying the surfing culture that led to wonderful woody cars back in the day. These wood-paneled station wagons appealed to just about everybody. Families could ride to the beach in style, and surfers enjoyed a memorable mode of transport for their boards. We in the OC used to see them all the time. From early childhood, I simply assumed that someday I would grow up to drive a woody. Now, instead, it’s my distinct pleasure to make woody bikes available to Pedego riders!

Pedego deserves its reputation for sourcing only the best components. When it comes to after-market additions, Brian and I feel obliged to find items that live up to this level of quality, artistry and performance. Our wood add-ons by Woodys Fenders in Oregon live up to our expectations.  Cody Davis, the “Woody” in Woody’s Custom Fenders,” hand-makes all the fenders, chain guards and more from many varieties and colors of natural wood. Whether you choose bamboo, cherry, maple or some other gorgeous wood, the results are truly artistic! Our customers can visit his website and select the style they’d like in matching fenders and chain guard. Then we arrange to have them brought to our store and assembled on the Pedego bike of their dreams.

Check out Cody’s work at:

Then, give us a call and we’ll arrange delivery and installation. Already own a Pedego? Bring it by for installation. Or if you’re ready to build the woody bike of your dreams, we can make it happen for you. Just call 562-296-5782 and say, “I want a woody bike!”

See you on the bike path…