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The Item Every Pedego User Needs: The Charger Caddy

October 30, 2020

Looking for a way to keep your Pedego charging station nice and tidy? The Pedego Charger Caddy is a great way to keep your bike charger organized, as it provides a seamless setup that eliminates the mess of tangled cords. This accessory is one of the favorites at Pedego headquarters, as it is used daily to provide a clean and orderly set up for the many bikes stored there. The Charger Caddy is a great way to organize a multiple-bike charging station or cleanly display a single bike set-up.

Pedego Charger Caddy

What It Is

The Charger Caddy works in conjunction with your Pedego charger by converting it to a wall-mounted charging station to conveniently charge your Pedego bikes. It creates a clean and organized changing area for any home, office, or workspace and eliminates the mess of tangled electrical cables by streamlining your setup. Its simple and easy installation requires minimal effort and when you are done charging, you simply wrap the cord around the Charging Caddy itself for neat storage. The Charger Caddy also features 2 key hooks that are located on the front, to ensure you never misplace the keys to your favorite mode of transportation.

Keys hanging on Pedego Charger Caddy

How to Mount It

Step 1:
Before you begin to mount the Charger Caddy, you must determine what type of charger configuration you have between the regular Pedego charging configuration and the Shimano charger configuration.

** Pro Tip- all models will follow the regular Pedego Charger Configuration besides the Elevate.

Mounting Charger Configuration instructions

Step 2:

Now it is time to physically start mounting your Charger Caddy to either a drywall or pegboard surface. Pedego recommends mounting it in the garage or wherever you store your Pedego bikes safely. 

  1. In the box of charging cables, there will be a white rectangular piece of cardboard, or wall template, which will be used as a guide to assist you in mounting the Charger Caddy. Locate the wall template and tape it to the wall where you would like the Charger Caddy to be hung. ** Pro Tip- use scotch tape to tape this, because it will only be up there as a guide temporarily. 
  2. Use a level to make sure your wall template is straight– this will ensure that your Charger Caddy is hung up evenly.
  3. On the wall template there are two holes, and once it is taped to the wall, mark an “x” in each hole as this will determine where your screws for the Charging Caddy will be drilled into the wall. 
  4. Now remove the wall template and begin drilling one screw at a time into each of the marks you made on the wall.
  5. When installing the screws, be sure to leave a small gap between the hole and the wall, approximately 3-4mm. 
  6. Now it is time to hang the Charger Caddy on the screws!
  7. Once the Charger Caddy is hung up, slide it up so it locks into the top part of each screw hole and finishes drilling the screws all the way into the wall so it lays flush up against it. 
  8. Next, place your battery into the Charger Caddy and run the power cord through the top of the Caddy so it can easily be plugged into the wall, while the Pedego bike charger itself is run through the bottom. 
  9. Plug your bike in for easy, organized charging and you are all set!

Charger Caddy mounting instructions

Extended Support

Don’t worry if your charger doesn’t reach, because Pedego has got you covered with three different extension cord options which are included in the box. Depending on what bike model you have will determine which cord you will need. As for the extra cords, you can either return them to your nearest dealer or keep them on hand so you have them after you purchase your next Pedego bike in case it needs a different type of extension cord.

Here is a guide to assist you with what extension cord corresponds to your bike model:

36V (42V)

City Commuter: Lite Edition
Comfort Cruiser
20” + 24” Trail Tracker

48V (54.2V)

26” Trail Tracker – Classic and Step-Thru + Gorilla Edition
Ridge Rider – Classic and Step-Thru
Ford Super Cruiser

48V (58.8V)

Interceptor (All Models)
City Commuter (All models, except City Lite)
Boomerang (All Models)

Charger Caddy extension cables

Once you determine which cord correlates with your Pedego model, the only thing left to do is plug it in so your bike is charged and ready to go for your next adventure!

For additional questions or further installation assistance, feel free to contact your local dealer or call our support line to get in touch with one of our technical experts at 1-800-646-8604 and then pick option 2.