How the Pedego Avenue Stands Out as a Commuter Electric Bike – A Review by Electrek

July 25, 2023

Our latest review from a trusted source comes from Electrek that took a look at our City Commuter bike, the Avenue. Discover why this electric bike is capturing hearts and turning heads nationwide including with this industry leading review site. Watch the review, find your local Pedego dealer, and book a test ride to experience the Avenue for yourself. Let’s dive into Electreks favorite features:

9 Electrek-Approved Features of the Pedego Avenue: Customization, Powerful Motor, and More!

1. Lightweight and highly customizable

The Pedego Avenue is a lightweight electric bike that offers high capacity for customization and upgrades. Its efficient design and thoughtful components make it stand out in the market. “It can become anything you want it to be” “That’s impressive for such a lean bike coming in at less than 55 pounds with the battery. But the list just goes on and on.”

2. Custom made accessories and compatible upgrades

Pedego provides a wide range of custom-made accessories and compatible upgrades, enabling riders to customize their bike according to their needs and desired functionality. “This is where Pedego really flexes their experience, because you can deck out this bike exactly how you want it

3. Five-year warranty and theft protection

The Avenue comes with a five-year warranty and with a qualifying lock includes theft protection, showcasing Pedego’s commitment to customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

4. Professional store-bought experience

Pedego’s retail locations staffed by e-bike enthusiasts provide a professional touch and offer expert assistance, ensuring customers receive the best possible service and advice.

5. Powerful motor and battery

The Avenue features a 500-watt rear hub motor and a 48-volt 10.5 amp hour battery, providing impressive performance and range. The slim form factor of the battery can be upgraded to a 48-volt 14 amp hour power pack, offering an impressive 52 miles of range.

6. Thoughtful design and components

The Avenue’s slim design, large tires, adjustable stem, and comfortable handlebars contribute to its overall performance and control. “The slim design and the thoughtful specifications really make the bike come forth.”

7. Safety

The bike incorporates thorn protection, reflective stripes, and mechanical disc brakes for added safety.

8. Multiple color options

The Avenue offers six different color options, allowing riders to choose a style that matches their personality and preferences. “I can’t tell you how rare that is in the electric bike space. For Pedego to offer this on this new and adaptive bike, really makes it shine”

9. Reputation

Pedego’s 15 years of experience in the American e-bike scene and its extensive network of retail locations across the USA contribute to its reputation for quality and service.

10. Dealer network

Riders can find knowledgeable Pedego experts ready to provide personalized assistance in various cities across the country. Electrek thinks this will carry Pedego into the next 15 years. “More than any other electric bike company Pedego has retail locations all across the USA, each of them staffed by ebike enthusiasts that would be more than happy to tailor a bike on any given day. Traveling across the country, you would be hard pressed to find a major or even less than major city that doesn’t have Pedego experts ready for service. And if you’re lucky like me, the local store is prepared to hear all your adventures over cold drinks and hot food.”

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with the Pedego Avenue: Customization, Performance, and Quality

“The Pedego Avenue represents everything right with Pedego: value, customization, adaptability, professional touch, and commitment to longevity – All on two wheels.”

It is a lightweight, high-performance electric bike that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of riders. The extensive list of accessories and compatibility with upgrades make it an exciting platform to create a personalized biking experience.

Whether you’re seeking a sub $2,000 lightweight e-bike that you can trust or aiming to customize it with additional accessories and technology, the Avenue offers the flexibility and quality you deserve. Visit your local Pedego dealer, explore the available options, and book a test ride to experience the Pedego Avenue firsthand.

Pedego Electric Bikes and the Avenue are ready to redefine your biking adventure. Join the Pedego community and embrace the joy of electric biking!

Freedom to explore with your Pedego Avenue
Freedom to explore with your Pedego Avenue