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Unlock the Boundless Freedom: Mastering Electric Bike Range for Limitless Adventures

June 12, 2023

Welcome to the world of electric bikes, where we’re excited to share all you need to know about how far your new electric bike can take you. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly and efficient mode of transportation or seeking a new way to explore and go on adventures, ebikes have a lot to offer. One of the most frequently asked questions about electric bikes is, “How far can it go on a single charge?” In this blog post, we’ll explore ways to maximize the range and factors that affect your ebike’s range.

How to Maximize the Range of Electric Bikes

To maximize your ebike’s range, follow these five tips:

1. Go easy on the throttle

We know that it’s tempting to get going with the throttle and go as fast as you can when you get a new ebike, but this will drain your bike’s battery quickly and significantly reduce your range. The throttle uses a lot more battery power, so be mindful of how often you use it. Instead, ease into it and slowly accelerate, in order to enjoy a longer battery life.

2. Pedal while you accelerate

While easing off the throttle, you will naturally start pedaling more. Pedal assist conserves your battery and is the best way to optimize your electric bike’s efficiency. This pays off in huge energy savings in the long run!

3. Ensure you have the correct tire pressure

Correct tire pressure is essential for your ride’s comfort, feel, and range. Having the correct tire pressure makes your battery use less energy to accelerate than with underinflated tires. Filled tires add distance to your range that can easily be achieved by taking the time to pump your tires, which could result in a few extra miles!

4. Maximize Your E-Bike’s Mileage with Consistent Speed

Consistent speed plays a crucial role in maximizing mileage on your ebike, similar to the fuel consumption in a car that can be optimized with reduced braking and accelerating. Maintaining a steady pace without pedaling or using the throttle can have a significant positive impact on your ebike’s range. Coasting is particularly advantageous when approaching a stop, riding on a smooth path, descending a steep incline, or when you come across a picturesque view. By adopting a conservative approach to speed and gradually slowing down, you can naturally reduce energy consumption. There’s no need to maintain high speeds throughout your entire ride; instead, take the time to slow down, savor the experience, and enjoy your journey!

 5. Ride in the correct gear

Riding in the wrong gear puts a huge strain on your battery over time. As you figure out how you ride, you’ll get more accustomed to shifting gears on your ebike correctly to conserve your battery and increase your range. Riding on flat streets can be great for low-power assistance, whereas on a steep hill, you can lower the gear and power to get the ideal speed and efficiency. For conserving your battery, shift to a low gear before stopping so that way when you start pedaling for your next ride, you won’t be using unnecessary battery assistance to propel you. This technique will extend the range of your electric bike.

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Factors Affecting Electric Bike Range: Exploring the Key Determinants of Electric Bike Performance

Several factors affect an ebike’s range, including:

  • Total weight of the load, including the rider and gear
  • Your average riding speed
  • Your riding position 
  • The bike’s tire pressure and tire type
  • Terrain and hill grade
  • Wind conditions
  • Road quality and bumps
  • The outside temperature 
  • Your pedal capability and fitness
  • Type of battery
  • Battery size
  • Age of the battery – over time a lithium-ion battery loses capacity
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Understanding Electric Bike Batteries: Power, Capacity, and Range Explained

The battery on an electric bike is arguably one of the most important features, as it is the sole reason why you buy an electric bike – to be able to go further and faster than you would be able to on a regular bike. The real question is, how far can you go exactly? The answer is dependent on a lot of factors, but understanding how the battery works is a first step.

Pedego batteries come in 36, 48, and 52 volts. The voltage of a battery is analogous with the horsepower in a car. For instance, the higher the voltage of a battery, the more power your bike will get. The advantage of a higher voltage is that it has increased power, which in turn, can have your Pedego go faster for a longer duration of time.

The other measurement of an electric bike battery is amp-hours or Ah. Amp-hours correspond to the measure of current the battery can deliver in one hour at a usable voltage or the measure of capacity your battery has. In short, the higher your amp-hours are, the greater distance you will be able to travel.

This is simple math and you can easily predict how far you will be able to go on the battery you choose. Since all batteries have both a voltage and amp-hour rating, you can multiply the two together to get watt-hours. Watt-hours is an objective measurement of the actual amount of energy stored in any battery.

Volt x Amp-hours = Watt-hours

Overview of Pedego Electric Bikes Voltage Specs and Estimated Range

BatteryWatt HoursEstimated Range*
36V 11Ah396 Watt-Hours17-33 Miles
36V 14Ah504 Watt-Hours21-42 Miles
36V 17.5Ah630 Watt-Hours26-53 Miles
48V 10Ah480 Watt-Hours20-40 Miles
48V 10.5Ah504 Watt-Hours21-42 Miles
48V 14Ah672 Watt-Hours28-56 Miles
52V 10.5Ah546 Watt-Hours23-46 Miles
52V 17.5Ah910 Watt-Hours38-76 Miles
Overview of Pedego Electric Bikes Voltage Specs and Estimated Range
*The estimates are based on using 12-24 watt-hours per mile

Listed below are the battery options for each of Pedego’s bike models:

BatteryBike Model 
36V 11AhTrike
36V 14AhElevate
48V 10Ah or 48V 14AhElement
Element Platinum
48V 10.5Ah or 48V 14AhAvenue
48V 14AhRidge Rider Classic & Step Thru
Trail Tracker Classic & Step Thru 
Trail Tracker Classic & Step Thru Gorilla Edition
52V 10Ah or 17.5AhBoomerang Low Step Thru
Boomerang Low Step Thru Platinum

City Commuter Classic & Step Thru

City Commuter Platinum Classic & Step Thru
Interceptor Classic & Step Thru Interceptor Platinum Classic & Step Thru

battery options for each of Pedego’s bike models

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Extend Your Electric Bike Adventures: Mastering Range Optimization Through Tips, Factors, and Battery Expertise

The world of ebikes offers exciting possibilities for eco-friendly transportation and thrilling adventures. Understanding how far your electric bike can take you is essential, and we’ve explored various tips to maximize its range. By using the throttle sparingly, pedaling while accelerating, maintaining proper tire pressure, coasting when possible, and selecting the correct gear, you can optimize your ebike’s efficiency and extend its range.

It’s important to consider the factors that impact ebike range, such as weight, speed, terrain, battery type and size, and more. The battery itself plays a crucial role. Pedego offers options of 36V, 48V and 52V batteries that deliver increased power and longer durations. By multiplying voltage and amp-hours, you can estimate watt-hours, providing an objective measure of stored energy. However, it’s important to remember that external factors can influence the actual distance traveled.

At Pedego, we offer a range of 20 electric bike models with different battery options to suit your needs. Our batteries provide the power and capacity necessary for extended rides. By following battery maintenance practices, such as keeping it cool and storing it partially charged, you can enjoy years of reliable use.

Visit our website or find your local dealer to learn more about our high-quality electric bikes and embark on exciting journeys with the freedom and versatility of a Pedego Electric Bike. Happy riding!

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