Comparing Models

What’s the difference between the Interceptor, Boomerang, and City Commuter models?

The Interceptor, Boomerang, and City Commuter are all best-selling models that have more similarities than differences. None is necessarily better than any other, it’s a matter of preference.

The primary difference is the frame.

The Interceptor uses a beach cruiser frame that’s designed to be comfortable. It features beach cruiser geometry that promotes a very upright riding position and allows you to put both feet flat on the ground when you stop. 

The Boomerang is the most accessible electric bike on Earth. It features an ultra-low 9” step thru frame. It’s also designed for comfort with an upright riding position somewhere between the Interceptor and City Commuter. 

The City Commuter uses a more traditional frame that’s well balanced for all-around use. It’s a classic style that is quite comfortable with a relatively upright riding posture. 

The next difference is the handlebars, but keep in mind that all three models use standard sized bicycle stems and handlebars that can easily be changed. 

The Interceptor uses wide, swept back bars that really allow you to sit straight up and relax your upper body. Because they are quite wide, they can take a little time to get used to, and it’s common for people to have mixed feelings at first and learn to love them in a very short period of time.

The City Commuter and Boomerang models use traditional city-style handlebars that many people find to be very natural and familiar. The quick release adjustable handlebar stem allows you to easily dial everything in just right for you at any particular moment. This is great for multiple riders sharing a bike or if you plan to change your riding style and position frequently. 

The final difference is the fenders are optional for the Interceptor and Boomerang models, and they are included on the City Commuter.

What’s the difference between the Platinum Edition and other models?

Pedego offers the Interceptor, Boomerang, and City Commuter models in different versions so you can find the price point and features that are right for you.

  • GOOD: from $2,495 including the Comfort Cruiser and City Commuter: Lite Edition models.
  • BETTER: from $3,495 including the Interceptor, Boomerang, and City Commuter models.
  • BEST: from $3,995 including the Interceptor: Platinum Edition, Boomerang: Platinum Edition,, and City Commuter: Platinum Edition models.

This table summarizes the key differences between models:

Comfort Cruiser
City Commuter: Lite Edition
City Commuter
Interceptor: Platinum
EditionBoomerang: Platinum EditionCity
Commuter: Platinum Edition
36 Volt Battery52 Volt Battery52 Volt Battery
350 Watt Motor749 Watt Motor749 Watt Motor
Rear LightFront & Rear LightsFront & Rear Lights
Rigid SeatpostSuspension SeatpostThudbuster® Seatpost
Standard Tires, Seat, and GripsPremium Tires, Seat, and GripsPremium Tires, Seat, and Grips
Mechanical Disk BrakesHydraulic Disk BrakesUpgraded Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Rigid ForkRigid ForkSuspension Fork
8-Speed8-Speed10-Speed with Larger Front Chainring
Cadence Sensor OnlyCadence Sensor OnlyCadence & Torque Sensors
From $2,495From $3,495From $3,995
Which size Pedego will fit me best?

These are just basic rules of thumb. People’s proportions, flexibility, and preferences can vary greatly. For shorter riders, a suspension seatpost can sometimes be replaced by a standard seatpost for an extra few inches. Likewise, a longer seatpost can often be used to accommodate taller riders. 

24” Step Thru Interceptor/Comfort Cruiser5’4” and under
26” Step Thru Interceptor/Comfort Cruiser5’4” and up
26” Classic Interceptor/Comfort Cruiser5’8” and up 
29” Classic Interceptor 6” and up
29” Step Thru Interceptor5’ 10” and up
26” Step Thru City Commuter5’2” – 5’8” 
28” Step Thru City Commuter5’6” and up
28” Classic City Commuter5’10” and up
24” Boomerang5’2” and under
26” Boomerang5’4” and up
Stretch5’3” and up
Latch4’11” and up
Ridge Rider5’7” and up
26” Classic Trail Tracker5’7” and up
26” Step Thru Trail Tracker5’5” and up 
24” Trail Tracker5’4” – 5’9”
20” Trail Tracker4’11” – 5’3”
Conveyor5’2” and up
Elevate5”6 and up
Element4’11” and up


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