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Pets Love Pedego Too: Unleashing Health Improvements for Both Humans and Fur Babies

December 8, 2014

Suzanne Pedegoes about twenty miles a day along with her Yorkshire Terrier, Bogie. “We go everywhere together,” she says, “He loves his bike, but he’s also a guard dog. This dog won’t let anyone near my Pedego.”

Before she started Pedegoing, Suzanne was riding about three times a week on her traditional bike hoping to improve her health. She wasn’t getting the results she was looking for, and the headwinds were devastating.

“There were a few times I was in tears, muscles shaking, and I had to stop and rest to continue on, thinking ‘oh, it’s gonna take me about three days to get home,’ ” she remembers. “Until I got the Pedego, and now it’s effortless. I ride longer, farther, and meet people along the way. It’s been an exceptional time for me.”

In addition to losing weight (and inches), Suzanne no longer has to take cholesterol medication, and she’s normalized her blood sugar levels — reversing a recent Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

In fact, she lost so much weight that her doctor asked her to come in for blood work. When the results came in the doctor personally called Suzanne to ask what she had been doing. The test results were so phenomenal that she had them run twice!