Love Stories

Doctor Feelgood and her Pedego

January 29, 2019


Rain or shine, Dr. Miryam Liberman (in her 60s) Pedegoes 12 miles to work as an internal medicine physician. It’s the highlight of her day – combining exercise, fun, and the wonders of nature.

“I love the energy,” she exclaims. “I love that it enables me as a human being to move and feel the wind!”

During wellness visits, Dr. Liberman often shows patients her Pedego and recommends it as a way to enjoy a more healthy and happy lifestyle. “It’s a natural fit,” she says.

Miryam is also an artist, and her Pedego is an expression of her creativity and unique style. It sports custom chrome components, handmade wooden accessories, and fashionable handbags.

When she’s not commuting on her Pedego, Miryam can be found riding on fishing trips in the mountains, meeting up with her friends, hauling her grandkids in a trailer behind her, or just taking adventurous joyrides as long as 47 miles (so far).

After 5,000 miles (and counting), Miryam is poetic about how riding a Pedego has enriched her life, “Let me count the ways I love my Pedego bike!”