Love Stories

Isolation to Empowerment

December 8, 2014


“In a word, my Pedego gives me freedom.”

Larry Bock is the founder of the USA Science and Engineering Festival, which is the world’s largest celebration of science and engineering.

He has Stargardt’s Disease; a rare form of macular degeneration that’s caused him to lose much of his central vision.

“I drove for a long time while I had Stargardt’s Disease,” Larry recalls, “but I had a few too many close calls, so I voluntarily gave up driving about ten years ago.”

He lives in a rural area where everything is separated by vast distances and getting around without a car can be a major challenge. “When my wife was out of town and I was on my own, I was really just stuck at home and isolated.”

To make matters worse, Larry’s home is surrounded by big, steep hills that make it impossible to get anywhere on a regular bike without arriving drenched in sweat.

“Putting on my science festival, I’m meeting with people all the time. I want to be able to meet them and not be all sweaty, but have a business suit on and look respectable going down the road and when I get there.”

Larry found that a Pedego City Commuter was the perfect solution for him to quickly and easily get around. In fact, Pedegoing is often faster than driving. “During rush hour, I’m just zipping past the cars, and I get to wherever I want much faster than had I been in a car.”

His typical commute is over twenty miles each day and he carries his ninety-five pound guide dog, Trip, in a trailer behind him. At first, he worried about running out of battery power and being forced to carry all that weight uphill but experience has shown that he can always count on his Pedego to go the distance.

“The hill coming up to my house is the ultimate challenge,” he explains. “It’s about a mile and a half, and it’s a pretty steep grade. I can get up there with the dog — no problem.”

Larry has spent his life as a high tech entrepreneur at the cutting edge of technology. “I’m surprised I didn’t find out about electric bikes sooner,” he says. “I feel very blessed to live in a time like today. Technology like the Pedego is moving so fast that even if you have a disability like an eye condition, technology will allow you to overcome it.”

“The thing about the Pedego bike that really changed my life is that it moved me from a life of isolation to one where I’m empowered to go anywhere I want to go.”