GUP Kwiki Canister 6-Pack

Designed by GUP, Partner with Pedego

Everyone hates flat tires. GUP is a convenient alternative to fixing and inflating a punctured tire or tube. It’s easy to use and compatible with all Pedego bike tires. GUP is the ultimate sidekick for any Pedego rider.

  • Compatible with all Pedego tubes and tires.
  • Will seal up to a 2mm puncture on tube.
  • 125ml canister contains enough volume to fill any Pedego bike tire.
  • Eco-friendly formula, foaming latex sealant with no ammonia and CFC free.
  • Requires no special preparation or tools before or after use.
  • GUP Holster allows for multiple mounting options on the bike

GUP holster is NOT included.


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