Video Footage from Interbike 2012

September 24, 2012

The Pedego team had a wonderful time at Interbike 2012 in Las Vegas, NV! It was great to see a number of current Pedego dealers as well as prospective dealers. The days seemed to pass by quickly as we met with bicycle enthusiasts, manufacturers, bloggers, marketers, and even competitors from across the globe.

Our colorful Pedego watches were a huge hit at the Interbike convention but the star of the show was our new trail bike (which has yet to be named). Riders anxiously waited in line to take the 4 inch wheeled Pedego for a spin around the test track. The responses we received were extremely positive, with most riders telling us how impressed they were with the smooth ride and fast speed.

Below are a few videos taken at the Pedego booth:

Pedego Booth Tour 
Source: Turbo Bob

Turbo Bob stopped by our booth to get a quick video of the Pedego space & all our bikes!

LA Times’ Inside Look at Interbike
Source: LA Times

Fast forward to 1:45 to see LA Times’ brief coverage on electric bikes, featuring Pedego models.

Electric Bike Review Interviews Pedego Co-founder, Don DiCostanzo
Source: Court Rye of

Don’s in-depth interview with Court Rye covered the history of Pedego, the introduction and specs of all Pedego models, as well as advice and tips on Pedego maintenance.