The Pedego Boomerang Electric Bike Brings 'Em Back!

November 12, 2014

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Thanks to Pedego® Electric Bikes, Baby Boomers are keeping their love affairs with bicycles alive as they roll forward through the years. Pedego’s robust motors have set them free from the constraints of hills and headwinds, and now, even more riders will be able to join the fun — no matter how many years they’ve been away from cycling. Pedego is pleased to announce the Boomerang — an electric bike designed with an extra-low step thru frame.

“A lot of people have been busy with their careers, family and other responsibilities for many years, even decades,” says Pedego co-founder and CEO Don DiCostanzo. “In all that time, they’ve come to need a little assistance climbing on and off a bike. The Pedego Boomerang makes it a snap.”

Pedego’s new Boomerang lives up to its name in a couple of ways: First, its electric assist allows riders to feel confident that no matter how far they roam, they’ll be able to make it home. And second, its extra-low, easy-access step-thru design draws older riders back to the bike path after years of absence. They can simply sit on the seat, swing a leg over the ultra-low step thru, and cruise in style.

This sweet ride is available in two versions:  the Pedego Boomerang and the Pedego Boomerang Plus. Both are available in Candy Apple Red or Classic Black. The basic Boomerang boasts a state-of-the-art lithium ion 36-volt battery (with a 15 amp hour upgrade available) and a variable-speed throttle presented with alloy components, all for the same MSRP of $2,295 as Pedego’s original basic electric bike, the Comfort Cruiser.

For riders whose extra weight makes riding difficult, the Pedego Boomerang Plus is the solution that will bring them back to the joys of the bike path. At $2,995, the Plus model offers a pedal assist computer that provides five levels of automatic assist upon pedaling, a powerful 48-volt battery (with a 14.5 amp hour upgrade available) and optional mag wheels that can carry up to 450 pounds, all presented with sleek black components.

With either model, riders can pedal as much as they want using the seven-speed Shimano gearing. And when they come across hills or headwinds, Pedego’s rugged 500-watt motor is there to help them reach their destinations with a smile.

Available at hundreds of participating dealers in countries around the world, the highly anticipated release of this new ultra-inclusive design is here. This elegant new electric bike demonstrates how the people at Pedego are miles ahead when it comes to building bikes that delight customers… all of their customers!

About Pedego
Pedego® Electric Bikes, the world’s premier electric bicycle brand, transforms people’s lives with fun and an abundance of delightful moments. Pedego’s stylish, colorful bikes boast the latest in electric bicycle technology and deliver a green alternative for transportation, exercise and recreation. Riders sail up hills and breeze through headwinds! Pedego “pedal or not” models include the Comfort Cruiser, City Commuter and Trail Tracker. Hailing from Orange County, Calif., Pedego is the fastest growing electric bicycle company in the world. Pedego electric bikes are sold in more than 800 stores in 40 countries. For more information, please visit