The Latest in Positive Pedego Reviews

October 3, 2012

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Frank L. of Barnhill, OH

Summary: Great Bike!

Review: I have owned many electric bikes(8), starting in 2002, but none have been as high a quality and overall satisfaction as my Pedego. I love it!

Frank L. (aka Santa Claus) posing on the beach with his orange Step-Thru Cruiser

Oppie P. of Houston, TX

Summary: #1 Product, #1 Support = Pedego

Review: Bought my Pedego Comfort Cruiser 9/11 and now have well over a 1,000 miles on it. The dependability and usability of my Pedego bike has gone beyond any other product I have ever owned. Best of all, Pedego support of their bikes makes sure of that.

Sacco N. of Santa Barbara, CA

Summary: Great company great bikes!

Review: Pedego Bikes are awesome; the owners and staff are personable and very helpful
I was in the market for an electric bike for some timeI test drove the Pedego in Santa Barbara, and was instantly sold. Kudos to Pedego team for designing an electric bike form the ground up, and integrating the battery over the rear wheelThe bike looks and feels awesome; at around 2000 they are on the mid to high range for bicycles, but it has allowed me to bike more and drive less, and over a year I will make back over half the cost in gas savings alone. Im not a hard core biker, but I do enjoy being out from behind the steering wheel. With a backpack and saddle bags I can carry all the groceries and work related gear I need. Also, my buying experience was great. I had a couple of questions about other models that were not at my local bike shop. I called the customer service number on the Pedego website and had a conversation with one of the owners, who helped me determine which bike would best suit my needs based on the various features on different models. In the end, I am extremely pleased with the bike and confident that Pedego will be responsive should I have any other questions and concerns.

Sacco taking his board and Pedego Cruiser to the beach!


Dan C. of Flagstaff, AZ

Summary: All Around Goodness

Review: A friend came to visit today and, upon my three dogs peppy greeting of him, one scoundrel got caught in the charger wire plugged into my bike, ripping the plug from the battery and leaving behind the plug tip. It’s to be expected of a border collie, of course. But what a tragedy; I ride to work daily. In fact I have driven to work only twice in the past three months. I called Pedego today (Saturday 4:30pm) and talked to Don, explained my need for a new charger and he immediately prepared one for me that I should have by Tuesday. I will not likely require a charge until then, as I can get three days (’bout 24 miles) from a single charge.

I began my Pedego experience with a Cruiser about a year ago after having been impressed by watching a Pedego rider zoom up a hill (turned out she was the local Pedego dealer). After 3400 wonderful miles of uncomplicated riding, I was able to upgrade to an Interceptor this spring (which I ordered through the local dealer). Both bikes are terrific, but the added juice in the Interceptor allows me to take one steep pesky hill on my daily commute home at 18mph instead of 8mph. It is also very impressive when riding into the stiff winds here in alpine country (7000ft) at 24mph.

Since getting my bike, I’ve persuaded some co-workers to give Pedego a try (actually, it wasn’t me — it was the bike). One, a fit 70 year old nurse practitioner, is delighted with her 24″ model. Another rides her daily commute of 8 miles in about 20 minutes. Another colleague who had purchased a competitor’s pedal-assisted bike two week before I got my first Pedego purchased his wife and son both Pedegos after test-driving mine. These bikes are a fun, addicting, and comfortable experience.

I’ve had a couple of service questions over the past year, and upon calling Pedego, I always get a human with great personality and knowledge. For instance, I needed a bit of grease for the rear hub brake, and I was sent a lifetime supply — for free! I couldn’t ask for more in a bike or in company support.

I discussed my affection for Pedego with my brother-in-law, a physicist, asserting my Interceptor to be the perfect bike. He disagreed, claiming that his homemade electric bike is the best. He took a motorcycle, fitted it with 16 DeWalt drill batteries, cranked it to 72 volts, and gets a 9 mile range at 50+mph (google “drill bike Fritz” for an eye-opener!). Okay, so he can claim honors for top speed, but the Pedego’s range more than offsets the speed factor.

Thanks, Pedego, for perfecting the concept of transportation and your friendliness of service!

Dan M. of Kirkland, WA

Summary: The Classic City Commuter is perfect!

Review: I have been thinking about ways to go green, and ways to shed some extra weight (I am 35 lbs overweight) and thought that riding a bike 18 miles round trip to work each day might help with that. Neat Idea, but there were some problems. Problem One: I’m 53 years old, I haven’t ridden a bike in a meaningful way in over 30 years and I’m out of shape. Problem Two: I live and work in the Seattle area (which is actually two problems). The ground isn’t flat here. There are hills and long grades everywhere. It rains here a lot.

So my gear will be getting wet and I can’t get up the hills because I’m too old and out of shape. I guess that idea is gone. But I didn’t let it go. I kept thinking about it. I finally caught onto the idea of bikes that provide electric assist when you need it. I began to do research. I wasn’t looking for the cheapest thing I could find. I was looking for the best quality thing. I recently spent some time in Amsterdam and became interested in their traditional commuter bicycles. People there don’t put on racing gear and hunch over the handlebars. They ride sitting upright. The bikes have full fenders to keep the rain off and chain guards. People wear whatever they are wearing to work. Riding a bike isn’t some sort of enthusiast passion, it is simply getting back and forth to work, or wherever.

So who makes the best traditional commuter bicycle that provides electric assist? After all of my research, the winner was the Pedego Classic City Commuter. The bike got compared to many others and came out on top in every area. The company also got high marks for customer care and responsiveness. So I bought the bike. I bought the 48v version because I’m a big guy and I wanted to make sure it could handle my weight and the hills. I also mounted a storm case to the rear rack to keep my gear dry. By the time I had the bike three days I had experience on two fronts: The bike itself; and the Pedego Company.

The Bike: The Pedego Classic City Commuter is beautiful. It is incredible quality with obvious attention to detail. I can get back and forth to work and up and down the hills with plenty of power. I am going 17-20 miles an hour up the hills and going 30 coasting down the other side. My 25 minute commute by car takes 32 minutes on the bike. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Pedego the Company: Prior to making my purchase I wrote Pedego with some questions about the rear carrier rack. I wanted to get some details to assist me with selecting a rear carrier. That same day I got back details that included photos, dimensions, etc. The speed and thoroughness of the response, to someone who wasn’t actually a customer yet, totally exceeded my expectations. The next interaction I had with them was also outstanding. The seat on the City Commuter was too hard to suit me. So I wrote Pedego and asked them if the mount was a standard size so I could order a more comfortable seat. They called me back on the phone again the same day, within a few hours. They guy I talked to said that he thought the seat on the City Cruiser was a more comfortable seat and offered to ship one to me, and I hadn’t even asked! I was prepared to go find a seat on my own that I like better. I can’t remember the last time I had this sort of experience with a company. Totally amazing!

Daniel customized his Pedego City Commuter with a few accessories. Visit his website to find out what he added!


John P. of Kailua, HI

Summary: Great fun the bike I always wanted as a Kid

Review: I am living in Hawaii and the beach traffic has taken it’s toll. I now get on my Pedego and breeze to the Market or any of the local stores and back home with a smile on my face.


Kris F. of Toronto, Canada

Summary: Awwessomme bike! super comfortable!

Review: DeI have the step through comfort cruiser.and it is the the most comfortable bike i.have ever owned. I have the upgraded fat frank tires, handgrips and a extra comfy seat. It is such.a relaxed seating position and people on mountain bikes see me and i.think they are jealous because i look so comfortable and they are hunched over. The distance this bike takes me is.incredible. i have thr 36 v and 10ah battery. I couldnt imagine how.far the upgraded battery would im satisfied 100 …ohh and the customer service is unbelievable!! I had a question and they.were on the phone helping me within a seconds of me calling….Pedego is an awesome US company.and i such.a fun bike that works.sooo.well! Thank you.pedego team!

Liz P. of Honolulu, HI

Summary: Amazingly fun way to get around.

Review: I was a little resistant about getting a powered bike, as I like to ride for exercise. But with my Pedego, I can get as much or as little exercise as I want.


Christian F. of Manhattan Beach, CA

Summary: Fantastic Bike – I Love It!!

Review: I bought my Pedego Interceptor two months ago and have used it to commute to work every day (a 24 mile round trip) – not to mention riding out for fun or errands on weekends. The bike is fantastic, a sturdy build, lots of power, great looking. People constantly want to stop me and talk about it. Even people in cars driving alongside me. I can’t recommend this bicycle enough!!
Christian F. – Manhattan Beach

 Robert W. of Oceanside, CA

Summary: Greatest Electric Bike I have had.

Review: I have a Pedego Interceptor. This is my second Electric Bike. The first one brand “X”, I had for about 18 months and I sold it with 400 miles on it. Bought this Pedego 5/26/2011 and today I have recorded 2242.35 Miles on it. The biggest factor for me is they stand 100 behind their product. In fact I have enjoyed it so much, that two friends purchased the same model and we all love them. I’m retire and use it also for trips to the store. Great Bike with Great People standing behind the product.


William M. of San Juan Capistrano, CA