The Big Ride Reaches Halfway Across America!

July 10, 2014

Team revels in major milestone as trailblazer Cathy Rogers crosses the USA on Pedego electric bike

IRVINE, Calif., July 9, 2014 — Cathy Rogers, the woman who has been pedaling a Pedego® electric bike across the USA, has reached another major milestone: the halfway point between the West Coast, where she began her journey, and the East Coast, her destination. The Big Ride Across America team has now biked 1,699 miles — landing in Huron, S.D., where the team is celebrating the achievement. “The idea that a casual cyclist like myself could actually ride a bicycle across America is quite amazing,” Rogers says. “The joy I feel when I ride my Pedego Interceptor electric bike is incredible. I am having so much fun and reaching a bucket-list goal.”

The team’s epic journey began on June 16th in Washington State, and they have spent the past 24 days traveling a northerly path that led through the Cascade Mountains, Idaho and the Rockies, continuing through the Montana wilderness, dipping into Wyoming and reaching the halfway point in South Dakota. Rogers has been appreciating the slices of Americana that they see along the way.  “The small towns with tidy houses have warm front porches with swings where they sit and visit with each other,” she says. “The local coffee shops and cafés have the sweetest people who talk to us and are happy to see us pass through their town.” 

While riding to raise funds for the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific, the team has enjoyed a lot of camaraderie — the kind that can only be built during an exceptional shared journey. Because she is able to maintain a swift pace on her Pedego Interceptor, they’re putting Rogers in the lead position for portions of the ride. “My husband loves the pacing and drafting that the Pedego electric bike provides,” she reports. “I don’t mind riding as a team to pace him.” They have been married 35 years and are enjoying the constant togetherness on the trip as well.

Rogers might not have been able to accomplish bicycling halfway across America without the help of her Pedego electric bicycle. Rogers says that her bright orange Pedego Interceptor is making it possible for her to keep up with the fast pace of the riders on this coast-to-coast ride. She emphasizes that even a casual cyclist can now take on a long-range cycling adventure with the help of a Pedego electric bike. Pedego is opening up these kinds of events, allowing more people to experience the fun and excitement of this kind of major bucket-list activity.

The terrain and the team’s speed have presented challenges. Rogers keeps up at approximately 40 miles distance per battery charge. She has had to swap batteries on days with longer rides, such the day they rode more than 112 miles. Several factors affect her battery range besides miles covered. “The headwinds and the mountains can impact the miles per battery,” says Rogers. “We haven’t had much easy flatland lately so I have been using at least two batteries and working on a third before the day’s ride is done.” With her bicycle’s options of seven Shimano gears, variable throttle and Pedal Assist, she has met every challenge so far. And she is enjoying the advantages of speed. “I was the first one to reach the camp three days in a row.  It is definitely the fastest bike on this trip,” she notes.

Rogers’ lifelong interest in cycling led to her founding Aero Tech Designs, a cyclewear company for avid cyclists. Prior to founding her company, she made cycling clothes for friends out of bathing suit material that would stretch with the rider. This vast improvement in comfort resulted in a thriving business. 

About the Big Ride Across America is a way to honor those that have lost, fought or won the battle with lung disease.  “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.”  To date, the 2014 Big Ride has raised nearly $50,000 in donations.  To sponsor Cathy Rogers, visit

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