The “Big Ride Across America” Reaches a Thousand Miles

July 3, 2014

Major milestone celebrated as trailblazer Cathy Rogers crosses the USA on Pedego electric bike

IRVINE, Calif., July 2, 2014 — Cathy Rogers, the woman who has been pedaling a Pedego® electric bike across the USA, has reached her first major milestone: 1,000 miles — landing in Gillette, Wyo. This is a noteworthy first-leg point for the 14 riders participating in this year’s Big Ride Across America, and it’s also a first for Rogers’ sponsor, Pedego Electric Bikes of Irvine, Calif. She is the first publicized cyclist riding a Pedego electric bike from coast to coast. Rogers is the only cyclist on an electric bicycle riding with a team of hard-core cyclists to raise funds for the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific. Today, they paused to celebrate their first thousand miles in a trek that is taking America by storm.

The group started on June 16th in Washington State and pedaled along a northerly path that led through the Cascade Mountains, Idaho and the Rockies, continuing into the Montana wilderness. Rogers and the team are putting their all into this experience. For her, it is a bucket-list item and something she might not have been able to accomplish without the help of her Pedego electric bicycle.

Though just a casual cyclist, Rogers has been able to take part in the coast-to-coast ride with the support of a bright orange Pedego Interceptor, an electric bicycle swift enough to help her keep up with the fast pace of the other riders. She’s especially thrilled to be riding with her husband, an avid cyclist. “The e-bike is a great equalizer,” Rogers writes in her blog where she’s recording her experiences on the Big Ride. “We ride at his pace, and he never has to wait for me at the top of the hills or when he has a burst of speed.  I am always there.”

Paul Rogers, Cathy’s husband, heartily supports his wife’s use of the Pedego electric bicycle, which has permitted her to join him on this cycling tour. He comments that it is the transportation of the future — efficient, fun, and fast.  “It is the renewable transportation alternative,” he says.

There have been challenges. The team travels about 100 miles per day in all kinds of weather and terrain. But Rogers is succeeding along with the group. She pedals a lot and uses the throttle to boost her through headwinds, over hills and to keep pace with the pack when she grows tired.

Rogers is carrying three Pedego lithium ion 48-volt batteries and has mostly switched between two of them.  She has been averaging about 45 to 60 miles per battery, depending on the terrain, which means she has been pedaling a lot. With Pedego’s options of throttle and Pedal Assist, she is able to control her speed, distance per charge and exercise as the miles flash by. Rogers is making conscious decisions on her use of the two motor options as well as maximizing her use of the bike’s seven gears. Her husband sets the pace, and she varies the level of assist to stay with him. Of the five Pedal Assist levels, numbers one, two and three are her usual range, depending on how fast her husband wants to ride.  Level one is about 8 miles per hour (mph) up steep hills. Level two is about 14 mph for flats. Level three is about 17 to 18 mph, which is useful for pace-lines and tailwinds.  “I can pull the front for most of the ride and push a higher speed than we might otherwise ride,” she reports.  “The pedal assist is very steady and wonderful for pulling through a headwind.  It is heavenly!”

Cycling has always been a part of Rogers’ life. It led to her founding Aero Tech Designs, a cyclewear company for avid cyclists. In college, she made cycling clothes for friends. “At the time, the only bike apparel was made out of wool,” she says. “So I started making comfortable clothes out of bathing suit material that would stretch with the rider.” It resulted in a thriving business.

About the Big Ride Across America is a way to honor those that have lost, fought or won the battle with lung disease.  “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.”  To date, the 2014 Big Ride has raised nearly $50,000 in donations.  To sponsor Cathy Rogers, visit

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