Santa’s Got a Brand New Team

November 26, 2014

This year, Santa ditches the reindeer for a colorful fleet of Pedego electric bikes.

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 25, 2014 — For the first time in history, Santa Claus is preparing to zip around the world without his famous reindeer. Instead, he’ll fly on his brand new Pedego Stretch Cargo Electric Bike — easily carrying his famous gift bag for Christmas 2014. In a bold move, Santa has replaced his reindeer with a new entourage consisting of eight elves on Pedego electric bikes. “Rudolph and the rest retired to Florida. They were good in their time — but times change,” he explained recently. “We needed a game changer, and Pedego was it.”

Eight elves arrived at the Pedego factory months ago to select their special Pedego electric bikes. Pedego co-founder and CEO Don DiCostanzo has seen to it that the bikes perform spectacularly. “Through this partnership, we’re providing the world’s best electric bikes to help Santa get the job done,” he says.

“Thank you, Pedego!” Santa tweeted as he flew over the North Pole during a recent practice run while exclaiming, “On thrills! On laughs! On fun!”  He also reportedly shouted, “GO, GO, GO!” while sailing through the skies. He’s thrilled that Pedego has developed several new models and has updated some of their classics in order to meet the occasion. These exceptional bikes make elves (and people) smile a lot:

For Beefy Barry (the round elf who can’t quite climb aboard) — the powerful Pedego Boomerang Plus with its easy-access, ultra-low step-thru frame and heavy-duty motor helps him pedal the night (and pounds) away.

For Mini Mary (the pint-sized elf who loves to fly free) — a 24-inch step-thru Interceptor, with its powerful 48-volt battery with Pedal Assist mode, will have her pedaling with power from Point A to Point Z.

For Trekker Toby (the unflagging elf who takes toys through rugged terrain) — the Trail Tracker’s new Pedal Assist mode will help him take advantage of its 48-volt battery and 600-watt motor with Fat Frank tires and extra-rugged engineering. He’ll be barreling over bridges and winding through the woods!

For Snazzy Cindy (the cool-cruisin’ elf) — a sleek and sparkly metallic blue City Commuter will help her pedal round the world in chic Dutch street cycle style.

For Cloud-9 Cody (the happy helper elf) — a classic Comfort Cruiser 36-volt will help Cody keep up in colorful style as he pedals uphill, way above traffic and all around the world.

For Jiggy Iggy (the energetic elf) — a vibrant neon green Interceptor will help him guide the pack using 48 powerful volts and electrifying style.

For Merry Terry & Sherry (the double-duty twin elves) — a spirited Pedego electric tandem cruiser will carry them together in joy and comfort.

And, of course, Santa (the big-hearted leader of the pack who holds everything on his bike) — a Pedego electric Stretch Cargo Bike makes the perfect ride. Its spring-loaded front rack stays upright when parked, even on rooftops. Modular panels and racks reconfigure to carry packages or passengers up hills and through headwinds.

Everyone at the North Pole is excited about all the new and updated Pedego models. The elves and Pedego are working overtime so you’ll have the power to make this holiday memorable. Visit your local Pedego dealer for the bikes that give your family and friends more smiles per mile. Thanks to Santa and Pedego … happy holidays are on the way!

About Pedego

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