Ride to Work! Ride for Fun! On a Pedego Electric Bike, It's All in One!

April 21, 2015

Pedego electric bikes empower owners to revel as they ride for May’s big bike bashes: “National Bike Month” and “National Bike to Work Week”

IRVINE, Calif., April 21, 2015 — May is National Bike Month, and Pedego® Electric Bikes has grown into a regular part of the festivities as Pedego riders cruise communities across the country. One of the most important parts of the month-long celebration showcases the benefits of electric bikes: National Bike to Work Week, which takes place May 11–15, 2015. Pedego commuters use their powerful Pedego motors to flatten hills and make headwinds a breeze and are setting an example for bicycle commuting while enjoying the pleasure of arriving at work less sweaty — ready to seize the day.

Bill Borden, 63, a producer of more than 35 films including the High School Musical series, Desperado and La Bamba, hated the Los Angeles traffic and began commuting to work on his electric bike four years ago. Commuting on his Pedego Interceptor allows Borden to enjoy daily exercise, sunshine and fresh air while avoiding stress from traffic and limited parking. “I ride my Pedego around Santa Monica, West LA, Pacific Palisades, Venice and Marina Del Rey almost every day for work and for fun,” he said. “I’m completely spoiled in that I never have to think about a parking spot.” Borden added, “Riding my Pedego to work frees a parking space in our building and reduces my parking and valet costs. That is a very real cash savings in gas, parking and valet fees — savings that have more than paid for my Pedego!”

Esther Kimm, 48, a talent acquisition specialist for a nationally known aerospace company, also hated Los Angeles traffic and began commuting on a Pedego City Commuter last summer. Since then, she has been riding her electric bike on the daily 16-mile round trip between her home in Torrance and work in El Segundo. Commuting by bike has saved her hundreds of dollars in gas. But the real benefits have been more personal. “I get a lot of exercise and have lost weight,” she said. “I have reduced my Type 2 diabetes, and now I no longer have to take insulin shots.” What’s more, she’s able to relax while riding the scenic beach path and describes her daily rides as something akin to a Zen experience — about as far from the stress of LA traffic as possible. “Riding to work on the Strand takes about the same amount of time as it does in a car on the highway,” said Kimm. “But unlike being in the car, riding my Pedego is relaxing and fun, and I still arrive at work refreshed and not sweaty.” In fact, Kimm is thinking of giving up her car entirely.

The League of American Bicyclists has sponsored this national celebration since 1956, and now Pedego riders are showing the country even more reasons to celebrate. While National Bike Month and National Bike to Work Week remind us to consider the value of cycling as alternative transportation, Pedego riders — smiling and laughing as they go —help us remember just how much fun is possible along the way.

About Pedego

Pedego® Electric Bikes, the world’s premier electric bicycle brand, transforms people’s lives with fun and an abundance of delightful moments. Pedego’s stylish, colorful bikes boast the latest in electric bicycle technology and deliver a green alternative for transportation, exercise and recreation. Riders sail up hills and breeze through headwinds! Pedego “pedal or not” models include the Comfort Cruiser, City Commuter and Trail Tracker. Hailing from Orange County, Calif., Pedego is the fastest growing electric bicycle company in the world. Pedego electric bikes are sold in more than 800 stores in 40 countries. For more information, please visit https://pedegoelectricbikes.com/.