Pedego Launches Pedego Patroller Electric Bike to Power up Law Enforcement, Security and Safety Personnel

March 25, 2019

Pedego’s Nationwide “Sole Source Provider” Program Expedites Bidding

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., March 27, 2019 — Pedego® Electric Bikes, the nation’s Number 1 electric bike brand, presents the Pedego Patroller Edition, a high-performance electric mountain bike designed to empower law enforcement, security and safety personnel as they protect and serve. Pedego will display its Patroller Edition bike at the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) 29th Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, April 10–12.

The new Pedego Patroller Edition enables police, security, EMS and fire personnel to cover more ground and increase their response times while reducing operator fatigue. Pedego is offering Patrollers demonstration bikes for one-week “no obligation” trials to police departments, cities, municipalities and security/safety agencies. Pedego’s national “Sole Source Provider” program helps expedite the purchasing process through its 100+ Pedego store owners who act as authorized selling agents.

“With the Pedego Patroller, local agencies can quickly boost community relations and the efficiency of their response teams,” said Ryan Maccione, Pedego’s director of Store Development and Fleet Solutions, who has more than 20 years’ experience providing alternative transportation to law enforcement agencies for Harley-Davidson and Segway.

Pedego Patroller Electric Bike

The new Pedego Patroller Program empowers law enforcement, safety and security personnel to arrive faster and with less fatigue.

The Norwalk Police Department in Norwalk, Conn., uses its Pedego Patroller electric bikes to actively patrol the city and access areas where police cars cannot go. Lt. Terry Blake said, “Our Pedego bikes enable us to get closer to the people in our community and engage both kids and adults in conversations about the bikes. Having electric bikes has enhanced our crime prevention, particularly in the summer when our beach community gets a lot of visitors.” See the news story here.

The Newport Beach Police Department in Orange County, Calif., was the first police department to utilize Pedego electric bikes for patrols. Its Pedego electric bikes can go where police cars and motorcycles can’t and enables officers to cover further distances than traditional bikes, particularly during high-traffic spring and summer months when the population doubles. See the news story here.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources relies on its Pedego electric bikes to protect wildlife. With his Pedego off-road bike, Lance Corporal Jeff Day quietly and stealthy catches deer poachers in the Dungannon Preserve. See the news story here.

“Law enforcement officials recognize the need for off-road vehicles that provide the ultimate in performance while limiting the carbon footprint. Now, there’s a new sheriff in town with Pedego Patroller electric bikes,” said Don DiCostanzo, CEO and co-founder of Pedego Electric Bikes.

Pedego Patroller Bike Features and Benefits

As compared to standard bicycle units, Pedego Patroller electric bikes help first responders navigate the steepest of hills and cross 10 times the distances on virtually any type of terrain to arrive on-scene with the strength and energy needed to serve their communities .

The Pedego Patroller bike’s features include:

  • Pedego’s tough Ridge Rider frame with bold “POLICE” lettering
  • Twist-and-go throttle that delivers powerful acceleration on demand
  • Five-level automatic Pedal Assist System with smart torque sensor technology that enables riders to easily control their assistance levels while keeping their eyes on their surroundings
  • Powerful 500-watt geared motor that powers riders up to 20 MPH and zooms up steep hills and breezes through headwinds
  • Responsive 20-speed drivetrain that helps riders maintain complete control
  • Powerful battery that delivers up to 60 miles in distance on a single charge
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for ultimate stopping power
  • Knobby tires and front suspension to conquer off-road curves and bumps
  • Flashing lights and sirens for added effectiveness in the field
  • Custom rear rack bag marked “POLICE” to carry supplies

Even police departments with active bicycle units will notice improved performance in overall safety and security by adding the Pedego Patroller to their fleets.

About Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego®  Electric Bikes is the Number 1 electric bike brand in the United States, according to Navigant Research. Sold at more than 100 Pedego-branded stores in the United States plus stores throughout Canada and Europe, Pedego electric bikes have 250- to 500-watt motors that empower riders to conquer hills and breeze through headwinds, cruising distances up to 60 miles on a single battery charge. The twist-and-go throttle gives riders instant manual control over their speeds while Pedal Assist automatically adds power to their pedaling. Available in hundreds of color combinations, Pedego’s high-quality, innovative “pedal or not” models include cruisers, tandems, commuters, fat-tire bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, a trike and a convenient electric folding bike. Pedego electric bikes deliver fun, exercise and a green alternative for transportation — transforming lives with fun and delight.  Free test rides are available at every Pedego store. Founded in 2008, Orange County, Calif.-based Pedego inspires riders to say, “Hello, Fun!”


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