Pedego Electric Bikes Kansas City Celebrates Community With Hello Fun Tour Palooza Event

June 29, 2021

Local Electric Bike Shop Hosts Group Bike Ride And Community Event, Inspires Connection And Outdoor Activity

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — June 2, 2021—As part of the nationwide “Hello Fun Tour,” Pedego Electric Bikes Kansas City and Pedego Electric Bikes Columbia are hosting a joint neighborhood Palooza event on Saturday, June 26, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will feature a meet and greet, Pedego group ride, catered barbecue lunch, refreshments, prizes, games and live music.

“We are thrilled to celebrate our Pedego community with this Palooza event,” said Dan Cain, owner of Pedego Kansas City and Pedego Columbuia. “Pedego is focused on developing connections among riders who share a genuine love for the outdoors and adventure. We are grateful for our community and look forward to celebrating the relationships and culture we’ve established here in Kansas City and Columbia.”

Pedego Owners at the Kansas City Palooza event.

Cain opened his Columbia store’s doors in 2019 after becoming an avid fan of Pedego and then opened the Kansas City store in April 2020 during the pandemic. “One week after signing the KC /Waldo lease the CDC shuttered the country, and we prepared to dig in,” said Cain. “There have been many ups and downs, but eventually we opened back up and this year, we are hopeful to get people back out, on track and moving forward.”

Prior to that, Cain was a managed care contractor, developing hospital, physician and medical network services for health plan membership throughout the country. “After experiencing Pedego firsthand, I instantly knew that I wanted to open a store of my own,” said Cain. “It’s a dream to be able to share the Pedego experience with the Columbia and Kansas City communities that I call home. We work with health facilities, populations and regional communities to deliver healthy, sustainable and cost efficient transportation and recreational options. It’s the FUN factor that drives the passion for our product!”

Pedego Kansas City and Pedego Columbia are locally owned businesses working to strengthen their communities. “Kansas City is a small community within a big city and has been the perfect home for our store,” Cain continued. “This community is always taking care of one another, so it’s nice for us to return the favor by offering a shared, enjoyable experience for all levels of riders.”

This event is one stop of many on Pedego’s 2021 Hello Fun Tour. With stops in more than 80 communities that are home to Pedego storefronts, the Hello Fun Tour will highlight more than 40 new store openings, adding to the brand’s footprint of over 180 locally-owned locations.

“The Hello Fun Tour is the highlight of our year at Pedego,” said Pedego CEO, Don DiCostanzo. “We love the opportunity to celebrate our communities. This tour is a unique way for us to show our appreciation and to surprise and delight our store owners and customers. Pedego is all about community, connecting with others and enjoying exercise, and the Palooza events embody just that.”

Founded in 2008, Pedego was created to be the best brand of electric bikes, not necessarily the largest. Don DiCostanzo founded Pedego out of a desire to combine quality and style in the electric bike category. Thus, Pedego’s premium, quality bikes were born.

Pedego Kansas City is located at 7335 Broadway St and Pedego Columbia is located at 19 S 4th St., Suite 115. For more information to find a store or try a Pedego Electric Bike, visit or

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Founded in 2008, Pedego Electric Bikes offers a line of 20 premium quality electric bikes of different styles and colors, suited for the needs of every Pedego customer. Electric bikes are designed to make outdoor exercise easy and convenient for people of all athletic abilities. Created with a vision to be the best brand of electric bikes, the brand has expanded its footprint to more than 180 locally owned stores nationwide. Visit to find a store or try a Pedego electric bike.

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