Pedego Electric Bike Owners say “Ha!” to Hills, Headwinds and High Gas Prices

October 8, 2012

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 08, 2012 –

Pedego Electric Bikes has reached out to the community during the current gas price emergency, and the orders for e-bikes are roaring in. With gas prices leaping like a sports car over a row of armored payroll trucks, the news for commuters has been dire. Pedego Electric Bikes co-owner and CEO Don DiCostanzo says that Pedego has successfully spread the word about a lower-cost way to arrive at work fresh, happy and ready to start the day. “New battery technology helps Pedego electric bikes to travel farther reliably, go more affordably and flatten hills like never before. These bikes allow riders to arrive at their destination without soaking their clothes in sweat,” says DiCostanzo. The result has been more Pedego electric bike riders enjoying fewer trips to the gas station.

Gas prices have been rising across the nation, and in California the cost of gasoline is approaching $5.50 per gallon — a record high at the pump. However, not all commuters are willing to pony up a small fortune for each tank of fuel. Even those who must travel several miles to work are switching to electric bicycles. Pedego’s quality and focus on customer service have helped e-bike riders feel confident that they’ll arrive at work on time, regardless of hills or headwinds. DiCostanzo is happy to see Pedego owners skip gas pump sticker shock with the help of their Pedego bikes. “The investment Pedego owners have made in their e-bikes is paying off,” he says. There’s an added bonus, according to DiCostanzo. The ride is often more relaxing and refreshing than the typical traffic snarl car drivers face on the way to and from work.

Commuters who must arrive at work fresh or anyone who prefers to see less of their gas station is invited to visit their nearest Pedego Electric Bikes dealership and ask for a free test ride. DiCostanzo is so certain that the time is right for drivers to make the switch that he’s offering a free Pedego sports watch to anyone who takes a test ride at a participating Pedego Electric Bikes dealership. Nothing else is required to receive a watch.

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