Pedego Brings Euphoria to Victoria!

July 25, 2014

New Pedego Electric Bikes store on Vancouver Island thrills locals and guests.

Mix together a collection of Pedego electric bikes, a savvy retailer, a talented electric bike mechanic and a beautiful island location and what do you get? Pedego Victoria! This popular new Pedego Electric Bikes store in the largest city on Vancouver Island recently opened and is bringing a lot of fun to town.

Victoria has two Pedego fans to thank for their new store: Sam Baio and Charles Turner. In 2008, Turner suffered a knee injury and was eventually put on a standard bike for rehabilitation. Although bicycling can be useful for range of motion improvement, any kind of incline that required pedaling with strength would send him limping home. He met Mike Clyde of Voltage Bikes, Ltd., who introduced him to Pedego Electric Bikes. Turner was thrilled and interested in opening a store. “The company and their products are fantastic,” he says. Turner was especially impressed with Pedego’s commitment to delighting customers. “The company and their products are fantastic,” he says. “Customers discover complete support from a company that stands behind their products.”

Sam Baio, founder and former CEO of the retail chain West 49, was eyeing Pedego as a business prospect. He had also become acquainted with Clyde at Voltage Bikes, who introduced him to Turner, and it was a perfect match. Turner’s knowledge of electric bicycles and the industry blend perfectly with Baio’s strong business acumen as a 40-year veteran in retail. Baio chose Vancouver Island for its weather as well as its people. “Victoria is the warmest place in Canada, and it also has the most bicycle trails in the country,” he says. “Plus, it has the most bicycling commuters per capita.” He sees this as only a beginning, however. The partners plan to open 40 more Pedego stores across Canada in the near future.

The store offers a variety of Pedego brand electric bicycles. There’s the colorful selection of Comfort Cruisers known for their style and relaxing ride. City Commuters offer a sleek Dutch street style bike that also benefits from Pedal Assist to accompany the throttle that is basic on all Pedego bikes. The Interceptor is a sporty cruiser boasting 48 powerful volts and Pedal Assist to help riders zip around the island. Then, there’s the off-road rugged Trail Tracker that carries riders to new adventures and the amazing Ford Super Cruiser offering power and style combined. Baio and Turner are thrilled to bring this much fun to Victoria. “We set off on this adventure to build an incredible electric bicycle business,” Turner notes. With their plans to open a string of stores across Canada, Baio and Turner have a long and winding bike path ahead, but one that will be filled with the best thing of all: Even more fun!

About Pedego Victoria

Pedego Victoria is Canada’s flagship branded store for Pedego Electric Bikes where customers can purchase the most elegant, comfortable and powerful electric bicycles available today. Pedego electric bikes make a bicycle ride on the island easy and fun. Open Monday to Saturday, 10am-6pm, and Sunday, 10am-5pm, the shop is located at 2039 Oak Bay Ave., Victoria, BC. Call 778-432-0255 to learn more about Pedego Victoria and their free “Get Acquainted” group rides. These free group rides take place Wednesday evenings at 6:30 and Sunday afternoons at 1:00 and 3:30. Please arrive a half-hour prior to join a ride. Each ride takes about 1 hour, 15 minutes. Also free self-guided hour-long test rides are available Monday – Saturday, noon to 5:00. Visit us at for more information.

About Pedego®

Pedego®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating chic e-bikes outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. Pedego’s commitment to innovation has led to worldwide acclaim for their leading-edge design. Their many stylish e-bike models, such as the Pedego® City Commuter, offer a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun … without worrying about hills or headwinds! Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit