National Bike to Work Tips for Pedego Riders

May 5, 2015

May 11–15 is National Bike to Work Week, and for those who have been enjoying their Pedego rides on the weekends, now’s the time to try riding to work. Truth is, a lot of Pedego riders enjoy their daily commutes on the ultimate electric bicycle. If you’re riding your Pedego to work for the first time, you’ll want to be prepared … for when your chic bike attracts attention! What do you say when co-workers ask about commuting on a Pedego electric bike? Here are some great reasons you can share for enjoying all that FUN on your way to work:

Healthy Fun

The 2015 motto for Pedego is “exercise disguised as fun” — which just about sums it up. Bike riding is a healthy activity, and when it’s fun — when you count down the minutes until your next ride — you know you’re benefitting from each ride. Even with a power assist, the activity of pedaling burns a lot of calories and builds muscle all over your body. Depending on your weight and how fast you are riding, you can burn 35–70 calories for every mile you ride. What’s more, riding a Pedego electric bike is low impact, promotes balance, and provides a great overall cardio workout.

More Green in Your Pocket

Pedego owners have been thrilled by the savings these bikes provide. You can commute to work at a fraction of what you’d spend in a year for a car or motorcycle. Riding a Pedego instead of driving a car could save you a lot of money on insurance, registration, gas, parking and car payments — enough to pay for your Pedego. Maybe that’s why Pedego commuters have such a big grin!

A Clean Kind of Green

Pedego commuters smile big as they sail past gas stations because they know they’re not cheating the environment when they ride an electric bike — one of the greenest modes of transportation available today. What a fun and easy way to minimize your carbon footprint!

Rock Star Parking

So you finally finish inching through a traffic jam in your car, and you make it to work … but now you have the extra fun of hunting for a parking space. Forget all that! On a Pedego electric bike, you always have primo parking waiting for you. Glide past the traffic jam and arrive at work, fresh, smiling and ready to seize the day.