Little Lady on a Big Ride

June 4, 2014

Cathy Rogers pedals a Pedego electric bicycle from Coast to Coast to Benefit American Lung Assn.

IRVINE, Calif., June 3, 2014 — Imagine climbing on your bicycle and pedaling all the way from Seattle (Redmond) to Washington D.C. This cross-country ride is more than a dream for a team of hard-core cyclists, and on June 15 Cathy Rogers, 57, will hop on her Pedego electric bike and say, “Hello, Fun!” from coast to coast to benefit American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific. The Big Ride Across America is an adventure that brings together 14 riders, mostly on pedal bikes, each of whom js charged with raising $6,500 to support the charity. The 2014 Big Ride takes place June 15 to August 2.  Though just a casual cyclist, Rogers  will be able to take part with the aid of a bright orange Pedego Interceptor, an electric bicycle swift enough to help her keep up with the fast pace of the other riders. The bike is care of Pedego Electric Bikes, Rogers’ official bike sponsor for the ride. Pedego is also supplying accessories to help make her trip safe and fun.

For Rogers, of Pittsburgh, PA, riding across the country has always been on her bucket list.  The farthest she has ridden was from Tampa, Florida, to Cape Cod, Mass.  With the passing of the years, a cross-country ride took on a now or never urgency. So she and husband Paul Rogers, a hard-core cyclist, researched several potential rides, eventually deciding on the Big Ride organized by bike tour company Velo Sante, which will donate a percentage of proceeds to the charity. Still, Cathy wasn’t sure she could keep up. Her husband, a professor with more time for training, was originally going to ride without her, but the Pedego electric bike changed their plans.

She feels fortunate to have met Pedego CEO Don DiCostanzo at a bicycle leadership conference last year. Rogers mentioned the Big Ride to DiCostanzo, and he sent her the Pedego Interceptor — a rugged cruiser style bike with a powerful 48-volt battery and Kevlar-lined balloon tires. Additional amenities include computer controlled Pedal Assist and throttle, which allow the rider to pedal with automatic power and also boost with variable throttle control. Add Pedego’s quality Shimano gearing, and Rogers is set to ride a powerful workhorse of a bike offering a marshmallow smooth ride. Rogers considers it the best electric bike she’s ever ridden, and she’s looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime. Special plans include sharing a special dance routine with people along the way and then posting videos of the dancers online. Upon arrival in Washington D.C., she plans to host a flash mob performing to the same tune. “It’s all going to be so much fun,” she says.

There will be challenges. The team plans to travel about 100 miles per day. With little-to-no-pedaling, she could ride an average of 20 to 30 miles on a battery charge. So, she plans to pedal a lot, and use the throttle to boost her through headwinds, over hills and to keep pace with the pack when she grows tired. It’s a perfect solution, since she’s has been a cyclist all her life. “I remember riding my brother’s Schwinn Spider at Girl Scout Camp when I was 12 years old,” she says. “I thought, Oh my God! This is what fun feels like!” Ever since that day, Rogers has been hooked on two-wheel travel. It even led to her founding Aero Tech Designs, a cyclewear company for avid cyclists. In college, she made cycling clothes for friends. “At the time, the only bike apparel was made out of wool,” she says. “So I started making comfortable clothes out of bathing suit material that would stretch with the rider.” It resulted in a thriving business. For the ride, she’ll wear neon green, yellow and orange to complement her orange Pedego bike.  In addition she will be wearing several garments with sun protection designed for coolness and comfort in the heat.  You can follow her progress at:

About the Big Ride Across America is a way to honor those that have lost, fought or won the battle with lung disease.  “When you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.”  To date, the 2014 Big Ride has raised nearly $50,000 in donations.  

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