LA Times: Why are e-bikes all the rage? Because they're plenty of fun to ride

October 22, 2016

The LA Times published an in-depth article about electric bikes in the Sunday edition and online. While it mentions other brands of electric bikes in passing, Pedego is clearly the star of the show. Several Pedego customers are interviewed, and the owner of the Pedego store in Irvine makes an appearance too. And there is even a fun video featuring two Pedego customers telling their story in detail.

Bob Bibee, owner of Irvine Pedego, notes that e-bikes are a surprise path to health and adventure for those who are inactive or hobbled by hip and knee issues.  “They go from couch potatoes to fun seekers who are out there breathing fresh air and blowing by the angry lycra roadie-triathlete crowd,” he says. “It’s life-changing.”

Why are e-bikes all the rage? Because they’re plenty of fun to ride