Join the Resolution Revolution! How to Make 2015 the Year You Rule!

January 8, 2015

Three titleholders from 2014 help you become this New Year’s champion.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 7, 2015 — Whether it’s changing the number on the scale, improving your health, or accomplishing bucket-list goals, New Year’s resolutions can come true if you put your mind to it and know how to overcome obstacles.  So what are the secrets to success? Check out the following tips from three women who achieved their goals in 2014.

Weight Loss With Rhonda Martin. As a 43-year-old woman who lost more than 270 pounds, Rhonda offers some great tips to help you win the weight-loss war. When she started, she couldn’t walk more than 150 steps at a time, but she could ride a Pedego electric bike. It allowed her to feel free and happy as she controlled her workout by using the electric throttle and resting as needed. She shares her story on her Facebook page, “Living Instead of Existing,” where she discusses her journey to a healthier lifestyle and new outlook on life. Rhonda’s tips:

  • Take baby steps to get started and build your momentum.
  • Set small goals.  Once you reach one, move on to the next one.
  • Set up a support network of friends and family and stay accountable to them.
  • Make your workouts fun, like riding an electric bike or working out with friends.
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily life. Rhonda commutes to work on her electric bike.
  • Continue to challenge yourself. Rhonda now enjoys competing in triathlons.

Health and Happiness With Suzanne Burke. At 56, Suzanne found the way to improved health and happiness in 2014. At the start of last year, she battled Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol — common ailments among Boomers. Suzanne lives near a wonderful beach bike path, and her health-improvement plan included riding her bicycle every day. But the headwinds on the beach were a strong deterrent.   Then she discovered she could ride her Pedego electric bike about 20 miles every day. She lost 30 pounds, reduced her cholesterol and conquered her Type 2 diabetes so that she no longer needed medication. Suzanne’s tips:

  • Have fun while you exercise — like riding an electric bicycle.
  • Exercise in places where you love to be — like the beach.
  • Make exercise a pleasant social activity. Suzanne ride bikes with family and friends.
  • Exercise with your pets. Suzanne brings her dog Bogey along on all her rides.
  • Enjoy group workout activities. Suzanne rides with Pedego Greater Long Beach’s weekly “Silver Spin for Seniors and Friends,” a group pleasure ride and opportunity to meet new friends.
  • Stay accountable for your exercise by involving friends and family.

Bucket-list Extraordinary Cross-country Bike Ride With Cathy Rogers. Cathy has always loved riding her bicycle, and she dreamed of someday cycling from coast to coast. But at 57, her age and running her own business limited her training time and made this goal seem daunting.  With her husband planning a ride across America, she made it her New Year’s resolution to bike with him. And she did, accomplishing a 48-day, 3,300-mile bicycle ride from Washington State to Washington DC.  Cathy’s tips:

  • Make your bucket-list dream a real goal that you can visualize happening.
  • Break big goals down into smaller tasks that you can accomplish daily.
  • Build up to it.  Develop a physical and mental training regimen that propels you to success.
  • Train with a friend or family member to help keep each other accountable.
  • Partner with someone you love to share the joys of reaching this bucket-list goal together.
  • Find creative solutions. Although Cathy could not ride a standard pedal bike 3,300 miles over the Rocky Mountains and across the USA, she could do it on an electric bike.

The advice offered by these three champions can help you conquer your promises to yourself in many parts of your life. So go ahead and make big New Year’s resolutions. And then join the revolution — allowing the FUN factor to help your dream come true. Let Pedego know when you accomplish a major goal, and your story might be shared on the Pedego Electric Bikes blog and social media. In any event, you’ll be smiling as you sail toward your happier future and perhaps your whole new life.

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