Gina’s Pizza Rolling in Dough With Pedego Electric Bikes!

April 13, 2016

Perfect for Earth Day, electric bikes make pizza delivery fast, friendly and affordable

IRVINE, Calif., April 13, 2016 — When Newport Beach lifeguards need their lunch in a hurry, Orange County-based Gina’s Pizza rolls out its Pedego® electric bikes to deliver pizza fresh, hot and fast. Their fleet of Pedego Stretch bikes has enabled the company’s team to think outside the pizza box. Gina’s Pizza reinvented its sales and delivery in their Newport Beach and Corona del Mar locations by capturing customers in the wild and making delivery as easy as pizza pie.

“You can be sitting on the beach, and a Gina’s employee will stop by, offering to take your order,” said Phil Pisano, director of operations for Gina’s Pizzas’ bike program. “Then, your piping hot pizza arrives quickly, thanks to our fleet of Pedego bikes. Such unique service — and our development of this valuable niche market — was made possible by the reliability, power and speed of the Pedego electric bikes.”


Gina’s Pizza crew member Andrew Woodyard rides a Pedego electric bike for unique delivery service.


Gina’s Pizza has taken its business to a whole new level in several ways:

  • Great for the Environment. Pedego electric bikes run on clean, green lithium ion batteries that power the bikes without the use of gasoline. The company and customers can feel good about pizza delivery that doesn’t leave much of a carbon footprint. Companies delivering goods on Pedego bikes set the standard for efficient, green business practices.
  • Cost Effective. Gina’s Pizza was able to purchase a fleet of Pedego electric bikes for less than the cost of a car. Maintenance and insurance costs are also much lower, so the savings continue as sales increase.
  • Fast Delivery. Gina’s Pizza’s Pedego electric bikes can zoom up hills to carry orders safely and promptly. They can zip past traffic jams and avoid summer parking hassles, pulling right up alongside the beach for speedy access to customers.
  • Marketing Advantages. Crew members become more approachable on a bike at local tourist hangouts. When people see the delivery person’s smile, say hello, and receive a coupon or menu, they want to order on the spot. The bikes put crew members right into the public’s eye — an affordable, effective marketing tactic.

With all of these advantages built into their innovative delivery service, it’s easy to see how Gina’s Pizza executives decided to update their methods for finding customers, too. “The Pedego Stretch cargo bike was developed for just this kind of purpose,” said Pedego CEO and co-founder Don DiCostanzo. “By relying on Pedego electric bikes, Gina’s Pizza has been able to grab its slice of success. On Earth Day, and every day, small businesses need to think outside the cardboard box, like Gina’s Pizza.”

Gina’s Pizza has developed its niche market with seasonal delivery service, from Spring Break through Labor Day. Because the Pedego fleet is less expensive to maintain and easier to ride and park in crowded tourist areas, Gina’s order/delivery riders can bring hot pizzas to homes, businesses, the beach, boats — even lifeguards. Customers love to skip traditional pizza parlor lines and get fast deliveries. When a business such as Gina’s Pizza invests in electric bikes, they get a reliable, fast, affordable and green alternative to delivery by car.

The Pedego Stretch electric cargo bike was designed to carry goods weighing up to 400 pounds. Its stationary front rack holds delicate cargo with care, and rear racks can be reconfigured to haul payload in many different shapes. Yet, this bike is easy to ride and boasts a powerful 48-volt battery that helps riders fly up hills and through headwinds, so deliveries arrive right on time.

About Pedego

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