Former Banking Executive Opens New Pedego Electric Bike Store in Eugene

October 21, 2020

Electric Bike Gives Owner a Second Lease on Life

EUGENE, OR – October 21, 2020
A new Pedego® Electric Bike store is opening in Eugene, Oregon, and offers Pedego’s full lineup of e-bike sales, rentals, services, and accessories. Mike Murphy, 57, is a former executive in the banking industry who decided to change his retirement plan from traveling the world to opening a new Pedego store. “This wasn’t planned,” Mike mentions, “I was going to be traveling to Portugal and New Zealand at this time in my life. After retiring from 42 years in the banking industry– it honestly happened by happenstance, and I couldn’t be happier that it did.”

Mike Murphy from Pedego Eugene posing with bike.

Not only did Mike make a change to his retirement plans, but he also reinvented his entire life within the past few years. Three years ago Mike weighed 300 pounds when he decided it was time to make a change in his life. As a result, Mike purchased an electric bike and made a commitment to change his life for the better.

He ended up selling his car and commuting to work on his electric bike turning his 5-minute drive into a 15-minute ride, but this gave him the opportunity to take in the beauty Eugene has to offer. It was something he looked forward to every day, “I go by and see the ducks, or the turtles that are always on the same log, and also the families playing in the park– that’s not stuff you’re going to be able to see from a car, and for me, that is transformative in the way that I think about how I want to live my life.” Mike now weighs 175 pounds and feels healthier than ever before. “There are no guarantees in life,” says Mike, “And it was nice knowing that I had the confidence to do this day after day.”

“Mike is the perfect example of a Pedego success story,” Don DiConstanzo, CEO and co-founder of Pedego Electric Bikes, states, “Not only did he allow an electric bike to give him a second lease on life, but he is sharing his experience with others to show them that they can do it too.”

Besides wanting to share his personal story to help the people of Eugene increase their mobility, Mike is also committed to the community through his charity work. When he worked in the banking industry he was a strong community partner and philanthropic advocate and loved being able to help others. His goal with Pedego Eugene is to build this idea into his business model, by supporting non-profits and other organizations in his community. “My vision within the year,” explains Mike, “Is to have mechanisms in place to start funding access and mobility for those that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to be introduced to the Pedego brand.”

Riding an electric bike has meant so much to Mike, and his hope is that he can help others succeed in the same ways he did through riding one. Mike’s goal is to promote freedom, fitness, and philanthropy in his Pedego store and he looks forward to cultivating new relationships with future Pedego owners in Eugene.

About Pedego Eugene

Pedego Eugene is located at 199 East 5th Ave Suite 5, Eugene, OR 97401. Their hours of operation will be coming soon once the store opens. To learn more about Pedego’s full-range lineup of electric bikes and try one for free, contact or call
(541) 650-0650.

About Pedego

Pedego® was founded in 2008 to be the very best brand of electric bikes on Earth, not necessarily the biggest. Pedego stands for premium quality and local service. A complete line of 20 premium quality electric bike models can suit the needs of virtually anyone. A growing network of over 120 locally-owned Pedego stores treat customers like family. Visit to find a store and try a Pedego.

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