For the Best Dad in the World: A Pedego Electric Bike!

June 5, 2014

He rocked your cradle. Now you can rock his world.

Irvine, CA – June 4, 2014 – Some dads go to work, and some are retired. Some might wear cowboy boots while others choose tennis shoes. A dad might have hair that’s black, brown, gray or … gone. On Father’s Day, we celebrate all kinds of dads. It’s a great way to show each one how much he is loved. To give him a gift that says he’s the world’s greatest father, make it a Pedego® electric bike. On his Pedego, Dad can…

Enjoy great “pedal or not” choices. Dad can pedal his Pedego electric bike just like a regular bike, or he can give it a little twist of the throttle — and ride! Pedego’s powerful, whisper-quiet motor will carry him to new adventures and thrill him all the way, flattening hills and making headwinds a breeze.

Be wowed by the most technologically advanced electric bike ever. Dad will appreciate the advanced engineering and sophisticated design of his Pedego electric bike. Powerful lithium ion batteries, Shimano gearing and sleek, colorful styling will take his breath away.

Have fun getting fit. Electric bikes are a great way to help Dad control his workout. He’ll have fun pedaling off excess pounds. Also great for dads who are recovering from surgery or have a chronic illness and just need a little extra zip.

Discover new vistas. From cityscapes on bike paths to mountain passes and sandy beaches, Pedego has the electric bike that will take Dad to new heights.

Commute to work. Pedego’s City Commuter helps Dad go green — no more gas!  He’ll enjoy more smiles per mile.  

Set the pace. On Pedego’s Comfort Cruiser, Dad will sail along anywhere he would ride a pedal bike but with more power and a hearty laugh.

Discover something new. Say goodbye to the tie. For the Dad who “has everything,” a Pedego will rock his world!

Be a kid again.  The bikes are super fun!  Pedego’s tagline says, “Hello, Fun!” and his big grin will prove it true.

Spend time with you. Gift certificates for rentals fit the budget-minded family and give Dad a really fun day on a Pedego with his favorite person!

With so many models and colors to choose from, Pedego has a bike for just about every kind of dad. Colors for Dad include sci-fi brushed aluminum, military green, secret agent black, space-age orange, oh-so-cool white and robust red. To see all the colors as well as a stylish Comfort Cruiser, speedy Interceptor, sleek City Commuter, rugged Trail Tracker and more, visit a Pedego dealer near you or go online at  for more information on the perfect gift — a Pedego electric bike!

About Pedego
Pedego®, the world’s most renowned electric bicycle, built its reputation by creating the coolest electric bicycles outfitted with the latest in electric bike technology. With their chic, stylish designs complemented by a built-in electric hub motor, Pedego offers a cost-effective and green alternative for transportation, exercise, recreation and fun! Pedego electric bicycles are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of cycling and experiencing the outdoors without worrying about hills.  Hailing from Orange County, California, Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle companies in the world. For more information, please visit