For Commuters on Pedego Electric Bikes, Every Day Is Bike to Work Day

May 4, 2016

Electric bikes provide green alternative to save cash, skip traffic, improve health and have fun

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., May 4, 2016 — When the League of American Bicyclists established May 20th  as National Bike to Work Day, they could not have predicted just how vital bikes would become to the American workforce. With the budget-busting cost of car ownership and the terrible stress of traffic, bicycle commuting has become hugely popular.  Enter Pedego® Electric Bikes, the company that helps more commuters say, “Hello, fun!” while riding up hills, through headwinds and across miles on the way to work.


  • Electric Bikes Are Affordable and Cost Effective. It costs just 25 cents worth of electricity to recharge the battery, and riders can go 30–40 miles without pedaling. Unlike a car, there’s no gas or DMV licensing, and the initial purchase is much lower than a car. Some commuters save more than $500 per month ditching their cars to commute by electric bike. Many pay for the cost of their bike in just a few months.
  • Electric Bikes Help You Avoid Traffic and Parking Hassles. Riders can zoom around traffic and keep their blood pressure down all the way to work, and then relieve the stress of a busy workday with a ride home. Riders enjoy bike paths that often bring much more joy than the congested roads. And, they can take advantage of rock-star parking in up-front bike parking.
  • Electric Bikes Deliver Health Benefits. Riders are in control of their exercise. Many choose to use more power in the morning to arrive feeling fresh and ready to begin the day. Then, they use little to no power after work for a feel-good workout that keeps them healthy and fit.

Across the United States, the number of Pedego electric bike commuters has skyrocketed, and they’re deeply devoted fans of their bikes. It’s easy to see why, with stories like these:

  • David Castro is a technical writer. He rides 43 miles round-trip from his home in Summerville, S.C., to work in North Charleston, which takes 90 minutes each way. He could actually save time by driving, but Castro prefers to ride for the many benefits he receives. “I get exercise, fresh air, time to think, savings in fuel and other car expenses, and a reduced carbon footprint,” said Castro. “With greenery all around, it’s a very relaxing way to exercise. Most of all, I get to have fun!” Saving as much as $258 per month, Castro will have his bike “paid off” in savings when he hits 5,800 miles. He has 2,200 to go!
  • Miguel Garcia-Gosalvez is a faculty associate in the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has been riding a Pedego City Commuter to work for about two years and commutes 8 miles round-trip, year round, weather permitting. When the weather is warm, he enjoys a longer 12-mile commute. As a business professor, Garcia-Gosalvez appreciates all the benefits of commuting by Pedego. “We’ve gone from being a two-car family to just one, and with the associated savings in gas, insurance, registration and parking, we’re saving about $3,000 per year,” he said. “And my health has definitely improved.”
  • Brett Barrett is an emergency room nurse and rides 3 miles each way to work in Woodland Hills, Calif. With just a few miles’ worth of exercise, Barrett has noticed improved health. “I’ve noticed that my asthma attacks have decreased and that my stamina for a long workday has increased,” he reported. Barrett enjoys his Pedego for a few other reasons, as well. “Having two teenage drivers in our household, the bike serves as our third car, saving me thousands of dollars from having to purchase another vehicle.” He also saves about $60 per month on gas. “And I’ll never have to circle the parking structure again,” he noted. “Besides, the Interceptor with Mag wheels just looks really cool!”
  • Steven Mesner is a sous chef living in Downtown Naples, Fla., where he owns two Pedego bikes and enjoys riding through his gorgeous beachside community. He purchased an Interceptor in 2012 and rides it to work daily. Though rough paths make it a bumpy ride, Mesner keeps his bike well maintained and exclaimed, “She always rides like a brand-new bike!” His 10-mile round-trip commute helps him stay healthy.

According to the League of American Bicyclists, National Bike Month includes an ever-expanding diversity of events in communities nationwide — with the biggest day of the month being Bike to Work Day. In 2016, Bike to Work Week is May 16–20, with Bike to Work Day on May 20.

“Pedego stores across the country are ready to help commuters experience the many benefits of commuting by electric bike,” said Don DiCostanzo, CEO, Pedego Electric Bikes. “This year, even more people will discover the joys of Pedego. You’ll know them when you see them — the cyclists who smile.”

About Pedego

Pedego® Electric Bikes, the fastest growing electric bicycle company in the United States, manufactures 10 high-quality, innovative models, including cruisers, tandems, commuters, fat-tire bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes and a convenient electric folding bike. Sold at 70 Pedego-branded stores and hundreds of independent electric bike dealers worldwide, Pedego’s stylish “pedal or not” electric bikes boast powerful, whisper-quiet motors that let riders sail up hills and breeze through headwinds with a smile. Available in hundreds of color combinations, Pedego electric bikes deliver a green alternative for transportation, exercise and recreation — transforming lives with fun and delight.  Founded in 2008, Orange County, California-based Pedego inspires riders to say, “Hello, Fun!” For more information, please visit