Exercise with E-Bikes

March 19, 2012

Cruising Through The Golden Years

Electric Bicycles are an amazing invention of modern exercise for boundless reasons. One particular reason though, is that they let people stay more active when it might be getting harder to find workouts that are finely tuned to your needs and abilities. That’s the real beauty in new e-bikes, though! An electric bike, having a built in lithium-ion battery pack and motor, lets you be in charge of how much exertion you will get out of a bike routine. There are no fears or worries of over exertion, injury, getting stranded far away home or a host of other possibilities. These bikes are built to take you where you need to go, and that’s exactly what they will do.

Pedego’s electric bicycles offer a ride that can cruise up to 20 mph with battery power alone, and higher with additional manual power. These will also travel for 15-30 miles on 1 charge. It’s the perfect thing to do alone, with friends, or even your spouse. Keep everyone you know active into their golden years and we promise that you all will feel the benefits of staying fit and active. Pedego even offers a step-through cruiser, featuring a sloping frame, for easy bike mounting. No more fears of a bike being too bulky or hard to get onto. With the step-through cruiser, anyone can easily put their leg over the frame and mount one of these bikes in style. Let your age just be a number and not a frame of mind while you stay active, alert, and healthy with the exercise you can get from one of these e-bikes.

Exercise is important for a lot of reasons as you get older. Not only for the obvious ones of wanting to keep your body strong, keeping your weight under control, and your body flexible, but because exercise also plays such an important catalytic chemical process in your body. Exercise release endorphins, or the “happy chemicals” the body naturally produces. As you get older, and if you let yourself become more docile and immobile, you lose out more and more on the body’s natural way of creating mood elevating periods of time.

We assure you that a little bit of exercise goes a long way, and with electric bicycles, it can rapidly become a lot more than, “a little bit”. Keep yourself active, alert, healthy and happy with one of our premiere e-bikes. Start browsing our selection today and order now directly from our website!