Even More Fun!

October 5, 2012

What do Pedego owners do with all the cash they save?

“Pedego owners save money on gas. No mystery there. The only question to ask them now is: How will you spend it?”

Since Pedego is all about fun, it was great to see that each Pedego owner has a whole lot of fun planned for his or her windfall. Susan Krant of Ashland, Oregon, loves that she saves money on gas and burns calories. With both benefits, she’ll be at her best when she uses the money toward a fabulous trip of a lifetime. “I’ll use the money I save,” she says, “to help when I go to Greece for my 50th birthday!” Other Pedego owners are also saving for big dreams. Elaine Frank, who enjoys country life outside of Spring Green, Wisconsin, rides her Pedego electric bike an average of 20 miles, regularly, to visit nearby towns and go to work. “I’ve only purchased two tanks of gas for my car all summer since receiving my Pedego in early June,” she reports. Frank’s savings will help her enjoy Europe in 2013. “I’m using my savings for Paris fun money!” Krant’s friend, Shirley Remington of Ashland Oregon, rides to work daily at her beauty salon. She’s excited about the savings in gas money but feels that other benefits are even more valuable. “[Using my Pedego Interceptor] has reduced my carbon footprint and brought joy into my morning and afternoon commute,” she says. “I live in a small Southern Oregon town that’s filled with flora and charm. When riding to work and back, I experience this beauty in a way that could not be experienced in a car.”

One noticeable thing about people riding Pedegos is how much they smile. Kelly Pritchett of Dillon, Colorado, must have been grinning when explaining by e-mail what her Pedego has brought to her. “I save hundreds in all those unwritten parking tickets,” she quips. But Pritchett really does have something to smile about. With her savings, she’s buying a versa board. It’s half Kayak and half stand-up paddleboard. She only has one mystery to solve. “I just need to figure out how to tow it with my bike!” Then there are those who simply use the savings to pay for their Pedego. Tim O’Connor has made a big transportation change leading to even bigger financial rewards. “My commute is about 4.5 miles, each way, and my vehicle is a Chevy Tahoe,” he says. “Before I got my Pedego, I filled up a thirty gallon tank twice a month. Now I buy gas every six weeks. The Interceptor has paid for itself, and then some.” Most of these people can’t help repeating one more comment: “I love my Pedego!” Sure, cash savings are wonderful, but perhaps — after all else is said — love is the greatest gift of all.