Electric Bike Beach Cruiser

March 19, 2012

The New Beach Cruiser – Electric Bike Cruiser

A lot of classics never fade with time, like the beach cruiser bike. This classic has stood the test of time because, well, it’s fairly perfect. That’s why the people at Pedego decided to use that as it’s reference to create their most popular e-bike, the electric bike cruiser. While there might be many Pedego electric bike reviews, this is the definite answer to any questions you might have about this e-bike.

The beach cruiser probably reached it’s perfection by being so stylish, yet so simple, and that is exactly what the Pedego’s version is like. With a look that will match the classic cruiser design, the electric bike cruiser offers much more style than its predecessors. With 14 different color combinations offered by Pedego, these bikes are myriad of colors to choose from. From sleek mono-color looks to dauntless bright colors, there is a look for everyone. Besides the color, the rest of the bike will meet the standards as well. With a big comfy seat and relaxed handlebars that let you sit up, these bikes will match their style with simplicity and comfort.

The Pedego electric bike reviews also need to mention all of the state of the art electrical components that it is built with. With a brushless, gearless rear wheel motor, 500 watts of power, an eco-friendly lithium-ion battery pack, and 6 Shimano gears to change between, this electric bike cruiser packs quite a punch. It can go up to 20 mph on battery power alone (more with some added manual power) and one full charge of the battery will take you from 15-30 miles, depending on environmental and rider conditions. With K-RAD urban tires and Dia-Compee brakes, these bikes are ready for any and all activities you could throw at them.

Visit our online store today and find a look of electric bike cruiser that resonates with you! We promise it won’t be hard to find one which is why we made it so you can order directly from the website.