Delyte W. Morris Trail @ SIUE in Autumn

October 23, 2014

Bike Repair Station in use SIUE Bike Repair Station SIUE Botanical Gardens Lake SIUE Fishing at Cougar Lake SIUE Flaming Bush - SIUE From The Bike Path - SIUE Morris Center - SIUE Near The Gargens SIUE Backwoods SIUE Bike Path SIUE Botanical Gardens entrance Stay on the Bike Path Trail to Cougar Village SIUE View from lower bike path SIUESIUE in Fall as seen from the sadle of a Pedego Electric Bike is nothing short of spectacular. From the Pharmacy School parking lot, past beautiful art works and the trails through the campus to the reflecting waters of the on campus lakes, the sceenery can’t be beat. All of this is only 10 minutes from the Pedego of Edwardsville store via bike friendly streets and onto the sprawling campus. Best time of year to rent an electric bike for a day.