Danville Community College Security Guard Gives Pedego Electric Bike Top Grades

October 24, 2012

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 23, 2012 –
In all his 14 years as a security guard, Danny Anthony had never tried an electric bicycle for rounds. So riding one came as serendipity when he took part in a recent college-wide experiment. Anthony’s test impressed him as a discovery of something that could improve the performance of security guards and ultimately increase security on campus. He had tried a Segway-type vehicle in the past, but the Pedego electric bike allowed him to perform his job duties like never before. And it all happened as an afterthought. Danville Community College’s Director of Manufacturing and Technical Services Jerry H. Franklin was implementing a project to study the value of e-bikes on a community. The project, titled “E Bike Danville” was originally designed to study electric bicycles as an option for commuting to school or work. But Franklin thought of an additional purpose: Security. Why not test the bikes to see if they improve security services on campus? So he contacted New Horizon Security Services, the professional security services firm that patrols and protects the college campus. They asked Anthony to participate in the test.

A security guard for 14 years, Anthony began his current position with New Horizon this past January. His job requires covering miles of “rounds” throughout the campus. The test took place during his patrol over a 1-week period last summer. First, he spent two days on a standard mountain bike, recording trial and recovery times. Then, he spent one day comparing the standard bike to a Pedego, side-by-side, for the same tests. Finally, he spent 2 days testing the Pedego electric bike. In all cases, the times were shortened significantly on the Pedego e-bike. With Danville’s rolling hills, performing this task on a standard bike was always a challenge. Regardless of a security guard’s physical condition, rushing to the top of a long incline to answer an emergency call would leave him breathless. Though it wasn’t until Anthony replaced the bicycle with a Pedego electric bike that he realized just how winded he had become at the top of a long climb. The comparison convinced him that he could arrive faster and in better condition to perform security tasks.

His rank of corporal designates that he’s a shift supervisor at the security company, a status that is achieved through years of dedicated service in the security industry. At 51, Anthony has been semi-athletic for a large part of his life. “I ran track and played basketball in High school and in the Army,” he says. Now, he walks a lot for exercise. “I had a recent physical and was told that I was in very good health,” he notes. However, every security guard faces physical challenges on the job. And Danville’s rolling hills can make his work tougher. That’s where the electric bike proved its merit. Throughout the test, he arrived less winded and more ready to complete his job when using the Pedego electric bike. The model that Anthony tested was the City Commuter, which comes with a pedal assist function on top of the regular throttle motor design. He says that the pedal assist works well on Danville’s inclines. “Or sometimes, I just put it at zero and pedal.” he adds. Setting the pedal assist at zero allows the rider to use the throttle for acceleration or to simply pedal without any help from the motor. Often, though, Anthony did make use of the pedal assist. “Around Danville, I rode at a level three,” he reports. Anthony also says that he would likely use the bike to help catch criminal offenders, depending on the situation. If he received a call, for example, that someone up a long hill were running from a building, he would use the Pedego to arrive quickly and prepared for action. “With the Pedego, I’m less winded and more likely to catch a runner,” notes Anthony. Now, he advocates for bringing the security force up to speed on electric bikes, and he’s full of praise for Pedego’s City Commuter. And the city and college are listening. He reports that company management is currently working to add electric bikes for the security staff. The best part will be, students at DCC will rest a little easier knowing Cpl. Anthony and his team can speed to the rescue.

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