A special delivery of chocolates…

July 12, 2012

Every so often, we receive hand written or typed letters from our customers expressing how much they love their Pedegos. Here is a letter we received this morning from a very generous and happy customer. And by generous, we mean it came with a huge box of chocolates! THANK YOU.

Pedego Service Team:

Thank you for taking care of our riding machine, the Interceptor. You deserve to be recognized for superior customer service and your team did an awesome job handling our situation. In appreciation of your service we are giving you chocolate from the newest project at our non-profit Center here in Long Beach. Most of our services come from in-house healing yoga, and personal training and we are happy to finally be able to export our love to you in this form.

The chocolate that is being given to you is very special. None of the ingredients in these chocolate bars have been heat processed over 120 degrees, keeping the nutritional benefits of all of the whole food ingredients of these bars. If you feel extra good from these, just be reminded your brain might not be used to the intense power they have to offer, due to their superior nutrition. We hope you take this positivity and keep on spreading the love that you gave to us. And if you ever need to throw a chocolate party at your office, we got your back!

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