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February 2, 2022

ST. LOUIS, Miss. (January 13, 2022) – Pedego Electric Bikes, an award-winning national electric bike company with over 200 stores globally, continues to change people’s lives for the better. Bill Sauerwein, co-owner of Pedego St. Louis, pledges his commitment to using his electric bike for transportation and recently completed 1 year using only his Pedego.

Shortly after opening Pedego St. Louis, Bill began explaining to some customers how they could commute, save money, and live their lives on an electric bike. After several months, he decided to walk the walk. Bill stopped driving his car and started using his electric bike to commute to the store every day, run short errands, shop, and exercise. With the intensity of the four seasons in St. Louis, he thought it would be impossible. It wasn’t, and Bill rode each day last winter, saving thousands of dollars on gas, insurance, and maintenance, as well as reducing his carbon footprint tremendously.

Pedego St. Louis co-owner, Bill Sauerwein, on his Pedego electric bike.
Pedego St. Louis co-owner, Bill Sauerwein, on his Pedego electric bike.

Many find it hard to envision this change in lifestyle, but the reality is most people live their lives locally. Without a highway commute, and with many people working-from-home due to COVID, most errands are short distances. The grocery stores and markets most people frequent, as well as the pharmacies, schools, work, and service providers they select are generally close to their homes. Bill starts and ends each day with a bike ride. Before electric bikes became ubiquitous, he frequently rode his bike 12 miles one way to work, but was always exhausted upon arriving. 

“Had electric bike technology existed at the time, I would have commuted that distance every day and arrived refreshed,” said Bill Sauerwein, co-owner of Pedego St. Louis. “Now, the freedom of an electric bike has enabled me to make trips like this easily, as well as stay healthy and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.”

This story is a very specific representation of a larger trend, namely the overall increase in biking infrastructure and the amount of people biking within the U.S. For example, the city of San Diego has committed to building over 1,000 miles of biking infrastructure by 2030, with over 400 miles already built (Anderson, 2021). One of the main reasons for this overhaul is safety. A study done by researchers at the Universities of Colorado Denver and New Mexico discovered that cities with clear and separate biking infrastructure had 44% fewer deaths among bikers, automobiles, and pedestrians than cities without it (Marshall & Ferenchak, 2019). With statistics like these, it is no surprise that more and more people and cities are taking a serious look at the benefits of biking.

About Pedego St. Louis 

Pedego St. Louis is located at 801 South Holmes in St. Louis, MS, 63122, and is independently owned and operated by Bill and Carla Sauerwein. Located near the Gravois Greenway and Grant’s Trail, the store is perfectly positioned to serve the biking community of St. Louis. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

About Pedego® Electric Bikes

Founded in 2008, Pedego® is the leading brand of electric bikes in North America. Pedego is famous for premium quality, five-star local service, and an industry leading five year warranty. A complete line of 19 electric bike models are available at over 200 locally-owned Pedego stores that offer sales, rentals, tours, accessories, and service. Visit to find a store and try a Pedego.