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February 1, 2022

TUCSON, Ariz. (December 15, 2021) – Pedego Electric Bikes, an award-winning national electric bike company with over 200 stores globally, is also very well known for its high level of customer service. One such store in Tucson went the extra mile to ensure that a prospective owner had all of the necessary pieces to make owning a Pedego the best experience possible.

John Collins was a prospective Pedego owner who wanted a bike as his main means for transportation rather than the bus. However, John lived in a 2nd floor apartment, and quickly realized that he would not be able to get the bike up and down the stairs with ease. James Lorentzen, co-owner of Pedego Tucson, suggested locking the bike up downstairs while keeping the battery in his apartment, but that too had some problems as the apartment manager refused to allow using the property infrastructure (pool railings, sign posts) to lock up the bike.

Pedego Tucson customer, John Collins with his Pedego Electric Bikes
John Collins from Tucson, AZ

It was at this point that James, along with his wife and fellow co-owner Rachele, proposed that the apartment complex build a bike rack in the apartment common area, offering to take care of the expenses as a community favor. The couple proposed that Pedego Tucson would pay ⅔ of the cost for a 5-bike rack, while the apartment complex would pay the remaining ⅓. This was finally approved, but not before John himself, as eager as he was to own a Pedego, offered to put $100 in to complete the project.

“This was an example of not giving up on someone’s dream,” said James, co-owner of Pedego Tucson. “We feel very privileged to have been able to make this happen, and the smile on John’s face made the money and time spent to get the rack set up more than worthwhile.”

James and Rachele Lorentzen have been co-owners of Pedego Tucson since January of 2018. Prior to owning a Pedego store, James had over 30 years of experience in aerospace sales and business development, he is also a licensed pilot. His wife Rachele also has extensive business and management experience, managing a $2M budget at a USA Swim Club, among quite a few other positions. The couple met on a blind date in Orange County, and have been married for over 32 years, with two fully grown children aged 29 and 26. 

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