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February 2, 2022

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas (January 6, 2022) – Pedego Electric Bikes, an award-winning national electric bike company with over 200 stores globally, is also very well known for its community involvement. One locally owned store in New Braunfels is no exception, and recently donated an e-bike that changed a man’s life for the better. 

Brandon Knight is a man that lives in the downtown New Braunfels area. Due to an unfortunate accident, Branded was left with right-sided partial paralysis. Despite this, Brandon made a living running a delivery service for some of the downtown businesses, using his trike as his main source of transportation for work and pleasure. However, due to the Texas heat and the large number of hills in the area, Brandon began riding less and less, severely affecting his job and income.

It was around this point in time that Brandon met Kristen Pokky, who goes by her nickname “Pokky,” at a local Farmers Market. After becoming close and hearing Brandon’s story and struggles, she found that she could not sit idly by, and fortunately for both parties, she had the means to help. Pokky is the store owner of Pedego New Braunfels, and as such was uniquely positioned to help Brandon with his transportation problem.

Owners of Pedego New Braunfels, Kristen and Eliza Pokky, with new Pedego Owner, Brandon Knight.
Owners of Pedego New Braunfels, Kristen and Eliza Pokky, with new Pedego Owner, Brandon Knight.

Pokky petitioned Pedego headquarters on Brandon’s behalf, and was able to secure a Pedego electric trike to replace the non-electric one Brandon currently owned. Pokky, the Pedego New Braunfels team, and Brandon’s mom were able to give him the trike on October 10th, three days prior to his birthday. The reason for the date they chose is that on his birthday, Brandon typically rides into downtown to see all of the vendors that know him. He greets them all, hangs out with each of them for a while, and they in turn give him birthday gifts in the form of free donuts, lunch, and even a haircut. This year, Brandon was able to make that trip with the ease, joy, and fun that can only come from riding a Pedego. 

“After getting to know Brandon and hearing his story, there was no way I could sit idly by and do nothing,” said Pokky, owner of Pedego New Braunfels. “Thanks to my position as a store owner, and the aid from Pedego headquarters, Brandon is now able to get around more easily and continue his work downtown, with the added fun bonus of riding a Pedego.”

Brandon is not the only person who has benefited from New Braunfels efforts. In a similar vein, George, who also has had partial right-sided paralysis from birth, was given a bike to supplement his work. When Pokky saw George walking to his job in the heat, she immediately set about securing a bike for him. Now, George uses his Pedego to get around, including to his job at Dos Rios, a local Mexican restaurant in the area.

Kristen “Pokky” is a registered nurse with years of experience in a community with mobility issues and physical challenges. She herself has a muscle disease, and as such an active person was continually disheartened by her inability to do everything she wanted to. It was this that ultimately led her to buy an e-bike, allowing her to find a new freedom. This new freedom meant so much to her that she eventually quit her nursing job during COVID and opened a Pedego store.

About Pedego New Braunfels 

Pedego New Braunfels is located at 231 Landa St. New Braunfels, TX 78130. Their business hours are 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Wednesday through Sunday. To learn more about Pedego’s full-range lineup of electric bikes and try one for free, contact or call (830)312-704. 

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