29 Mile Ride on Pedego City Commuter

May 29, 2015

We were so pleased to get this kind note and photo from one of our awesome customers:


Linda with Pedego

Linda with her City Commuter

Just wanted to thank you again for your help in selecting a Pedego City Commuter. Linda loves her new bike. It has allowed us to bike together and now we BOTH can enjoy the ride.  

We have been taking many rides lately and we are really impressed with the power and stamina of the battery

 I have provided a link to a map and stats of one of our recent rides on the MCT trails. We rode 29.2 miles at an average speed of almost 16 MPH on a very windy day and when we were done the battery indicator still showed 4 bars!!! I don’t know how far this will go on a charge but safe to say at least 50 miles. The best part was when we were done I was tired from riding into the wind the last 10 miles or so and she was still wanting to go farther!!! No problem for her with the awesome pedal assist mode!

I have also attached a picture from that ride of Linda with her City Commuter and Nantucket Basket in front of Horseshoe Lake. She is so happy and proud of her new ride.

29.26 mi Bike Ride with MapMyRide
Duration: 1:50:41
Pace: 3.8 min/mi