14 Reasons to Buy from Pedego Henderson

August 22, 2014

Howard Ickes the owner of Pegedo Henderson Electric Bikes, is a 44 year Resident of Henderson and Las Vegas


1.    We are big, safe and friendly.

2.    We sell and service the best electric bikes built — PEDEGO ELECTRIC BIKES.

3.    We stock and display all models offered by Pedego (i.e., interceptors, trail trackers, Fords, comfort cruisers and city commuters).

4.    We provide friendly and personalized service.  Pedego ships bikes to our huge warehouse and we in turn assemble and test ride all bikes prior to selling them.

5.    We instruct and give free riding lessons to our customers prior to their purchasing a bike, to make sure the bike they are about to buy is the absolute best choice for them.  Customer satisfaction is a must!

6.    We provide free delivery for the entire Las Vegas Valley after purchase.

7.    Our service after sale is the best.  WHY?  It starts with the back-up we receive from the manufacturer, Pedego, and we have a great service department.  If for any reason we can’t repair a bike within 48 hours, we will provide a loaner at no charge.

8.    We have a free 30-day performance check-up.  Customers bring the bike they purchase from us and we will make sure it is mechanically perfect. 60 days thereafter, we perform another “bumper to bumper” inspection at no charge.  This includes cleaning, lubricating, testing spokes and checking the performance of all electrical components.

9.    Our service department provides the 12 month “bumper to bumper” labor warranty.

10.  Credit terms are friendly too!

A.  Upon the approval of a very brief and basic credit application, we have a 12 month interest free finance program (i.e., 12 months same as cash).

B.  We accept most credit cards.

C.  We offer cash discounts.

11.  We have a very complete accessory department, including: Rear View Mirrors, Music Systems, Water Bottles, Communication Systems (Simultalk), Helmets, Cargo Nets, Baskets, Saddle Bags,Lights (front and back), Saris Bike Racks (2 & 4 bike models), Locks, Special Seats, Special Handlebars.

12.  We rent electric bikes and bike racks.

13.  We provide electric bike tours, including the entire Las Vegas Valley.

14.  We welcome out-of-state Pedego customers in need of electric bike repairs (in or out of warranty).