10 Reasons Why Ford Cruisers are Special

September 23, 2014

1. Designed for Pedego by world renowned bicycle Architect Tony Ellsworth.

2. Soars from zero to 20 mph effortlessly with a 48 volt battery and powerful 600 watt brushless geared motion.

3. Crown fork with adjustable handlebars hand a 7 speed geared twist shifter on the left and a twist throttle on the right.

4. Fit fords required design elements; sleek styling and a sporty feel that make riding fun, whether you’re seeking adventure or running errands.

5. The batteries are lithium ion in a easily removable pack for charging.

6. Travel distance is up to 30 miles (depending on rider weight and terrain)

7. Premium padded seats with matching grips and Schwalbe balloon tires assume a soft pleasurable ride.

8. Brakes are disc front and back for quick stopping.

9. Handle bars make the bike look more like a motorcycle than a bike.

10. Bike can be powered by 100% pedal power or 100% electric power or any combination of the two.