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The Convertible Bag- Pedego’s Most Versatile Bag

November 11, 2020

Who thought baskets were the only way to carry your belongings on a bike? Pedego Electric Bikes is here to prove that is far from true, as they offer a variety of carrying bags that attach to your Pedego and ensure that you never have to leave your favorite items behind. With this being said, one of Pedego’s most popular accessories is the Convertible Bag which offers optimum storage for any type of Pedego Owner.

The Pedego Convertible Bag

What It Is

The Pedego Convertible Bag is the perfect accompaniment to your Pedego bike, as it can be securely fastened to all rear racks manufactured by Pedego. The Convertible Bag is a large capacity trunk bag that has multiple compartments and pockets enabling you to bring all your necessities with you.

It has a zip down convertible panniers on each side which provide extra storage and can fit items as large as a full-size laptop, which is perfect for daily rides to work or school. The inside of the Convertible Bag is fully padded with adjustable dividers to guarantee that your items remain safe and unbothered during travel. On the outside of the bag, the Pedego logos are made of highly reflective material to provide additional safety when riding at night.

The Pedego Convertible Bag with pannier storage

The Pedego Convertible Bag open view.

Enough Room For All

The best quality of the Convertible Bag is that storage space is optimized through the various pockets and compartments located on and inside the bag. This smart use of organized storage ensures that you will be able to fit all of your important possessions and even a few extras. For instance, there are pockets on top and under the lid to keep your items properly sorted. Additionally, the top of the bag can easily be unzipped to expand and enable you to fit more items inside, if necessary.

The Pedego Convertible Bag with extended storage.

Take It On The Go

The Convertible Bag also provides versatility for Pedego Owners, as it can easily be taken off of your electric bike with ease and used as a portable bag. The carrying handle and padded shoulder strap provide undeniable comfort, regardless of how you carry it. Effortlessly take the Convertible Bag on and off of your Pedego, or have it live on your bike– either way it is sure to provide enhanced, safe storage for all of your belongings.

Where to Purchase

The Convertible Bag is available for purchase on or at your local Pedego dealer. Not sure where to find one? Check out our store locator here to find your nearest Pedego store.