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Studies Show Riding an eBike Can Help Seniors with Mental Health

November 4, 2019

Studies Show Riding an eBike Can Help Seniors with Mental Health

Millions of people worldwide suffer from neurological and mental health issues. These diseases can dramatically affect the sufferers’ overall quality of life, and can make even the simplest tasks seem insurmountable. With issues that range from psychological issues such as depression to diseases like Alzheimer’s, seniors are especially prone to suffering from problems that affect the mind and the brain.

In search for a solution, scientists have found a treatment method that is affordable, enjoyable and rewarding—riding an eBike.

How eBikes Help with Mental Health

There are a few different ways eBikes can actually help to improve the mental health of seniors that suffer from a variety of different mental illnesses. These include:


Exercise has been shown to help with everything from the reduction of neurological diseases to the improvement of cognitive functions. Exercise also helps to boost mood, and can aid in weight loss.

Time Outdoors

Seniors often find that fresh air and time outdoors helps to calm the nerves, lower stress and increase happiness. With an eBike, seniors can experience nature and explore their environment—even if they aren’t in peak physical condition.

Time Spent with Friends and Family

Riding bikes with friends and family is rewarding for people of all ages—from children to seniors. This fun activity gives seniors the opportunity to spend the day with those that they love, and strengthen relationships.

Mobility and overall health can get in the way for some elderly riders, but these issues can often be overcome with the help of an eBike.

What Aspects of Mental Health eBikes Can Improve

There are a few different areas of mental and neurological health that studies have shown eBike riding can help to improve, and may even be able to prevent. Some of these illnesses include:

Exercise is an amazing stress reliever, and eBikes can help people of all ages to get the exercise that they need.

Who Are eBikes For?

eBikes are truly for people of all ages, including people of a more advanced age. As long as you are able to ride a bike, you can ride an eBike! Even people with certain disabilities are able to utilize eBike technology to ride—maybe even for the first time in years!

Whether you are already experiencing neurological and/or mental health issues, or you would like to decrease the chances of developing these illnesses, you’ll definitely want to consider taking an eBike out for a spin!

Please consult your doctor for more information about the benefits of exercise and cycling for the improvement of neurological and psychological disease.


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