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Ride in Style with Pedego Designer Packages

November 17, 2020

Looking for a way to stand out on your electric bike? Pedego is known for offering custom bright color options on their extensive line of bike models. From bright to more subdued colors, Pedego makes sure to cater to everyone’s personal preferences, regardless of what they may be. However, it doesn’t stop at just the color of your bike, Pedego also offers another way for you to ride in style and showcase your individuality. 

Pedego offers custom, designer packages for both Interceptor and Boomerang models that allow you to add some extra ‘pizazz’ to your Pedego bike! Available in a variety of patterns, the designer packages replace the existing chain guard, front, and rear fenders, allowing your Pedego to stand out from the crowd.

How to Ride in Style

All of Pedego’s designer fenders and chain guards are phosphate coated to protect against corrosion and rust, ensuring that no matter what type of outdoor elements you ride in, the integrity of your bike will never be compromised. To get the vivid patterns onto the custom fenders and chain guards, the graphics are hydro dipped, and then finally clear coated for additional durability and protection.


The Leopard designer package will have you looking fierce on any Pedego ride! With a black and white ‘snow leopard’ design, it matches well with Platinum, black, or white Boomerangs and Interceptors. However, if you want more of a contrasted look, the Leopard would look great against one of the brighter color options Pedego offers, such as Stephanie Blue, Yellow, or Red.

Pedego leopard designer package for Interceptor and Boomerang.


The Fossils designer package is the perfect option for any outdoor enthusiast. Not only does it mimic an abstract camouflage pattern but it would be the perfect addition to any Boomerang or Interceptor, especially in dark green!

Pedego fossils designer package for Interceptor and Boomerang.

Cotton Candy Clouds

Cotton Candy Clouds fenders and chain guard are made up of beautiful colors which include a tie-dye like pattern of pink, green, and purple. This designer package would look great paired with a white or Platinum Boomerang or Interceptor. 

Pedego cotton candy clouds designer package for Interceptor and Boomerang.


The Camo designer package is one of the most versatile, as it would pair well with nearly any color Pedego Interceptor or Boomerang. Made up of classic, varied shades of green, you will be able to ride in style any time you hop on your Pedego electric bike. 

Pedego camo designer package for Interceptor and Boomerang.

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden designer package looks as pretty as it sounds! With a white backdrop, it is adorned with little pink and light orange roses, adding a feminine touch to any Pedego Interceptor or Boomerang. Go with a monochromatic look and pair it with a white electric bike, or be a real standout and pair it with a fun, bright color– either way you can’t go wrong!

Pedego rose garden designer package for Interceptor and Boomerang.

Check Your Bike Compatibility

These designer packages are available for select Pedego bike models. To see if your bike is eligible, check the list down below to see if your Pedego bike is eligible for a custom upgrade:

Where to Purchase

For more information and to purchase Pedego’s designer packages visit Once they arrive, you can either install the designer packages on your Pedego yourself or contact your local dealer for assistance. Not sure how to find one? Check out our store locator here