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Pedego’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories Edition

December 3, 2020

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. Unlike most years, 2020 has been quite unique, and instead of going through the hurried last-minute shopping that you normally go through for your loved ones, what if there was a one-stop-shop for all your gift-giving needs? Lucky for you, Pedego is here to help!

Pedego’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories Edition will assist you in finding the ideal gift for the Pedego owner in your family. Not an owner yet? No worries! Head to Pedego’s E-Bike Holiday Gift Guide to determine which model would be best for you, your friends, or your family.

Gifts for All

Convertible Bag

The Convertible Bag is Pedego’s most versatile bag ever, as it can be easily taken on and off of any Pedego rear rack. Not only does it have extra storage room to ensure you never leave your favorite items behind, but it is also equipped with extra padding providing additional security for your items to arrive safely from one point to another. For more information on the Convertible Bag, please read the full article here.

The Pedego Convertible Bag

Designer Packages

Looking for a way to stand out on your electric bike? Pedego is known for its extensive line of bike models offered in various custom colors. From bright to more subdued colors, Pedego makes sure to cater to everyone’s personal preferences, regardless of what they may be. However, it doesn’t have to stop at just the color of your bike, Pedego also offers another way for you to ride in style and showcase your individuality.

Pedego offers custom, designer packages for both Interceptor and Boomerang models that allow you to add some extra flair to your Pedego bike! Available in a variety of patterns, the designer packages replace the existing chain guard, front, and rear fenders, allowing your Pedego to stand out from the crowd. Offered for $99, the patterns include Camo, Cotton Candy Clouds, Fossils, Leopard, and Rose Garden which match with a variety of different Interceptor and Boomerang colors. Want to learn more about the Designer Packages? The full blog post is available here, with more information.

Pedego rose garden designer package for Interceptor and Boomerang.

Charger Caddy

The Charger Caddy has been deemed the one item that every Pedego user needs, regardless of which model they have. The Charger Caddy is a great way to keep your bike charger organized, as it provides a seamless setup that eliminates the mess of tangled cords. This accessory is one of the favorites at Pedego headquarters, as it is used daily to provide a clean and orderly set up for the many bikes stored there. The Charger Caddy is a great way to organize a multiple-bike charging station or cleanly display a single bike set-up. It is available for $79.95 and is sure to pair lovely with any Pedego bike you are gifting this holiday season. For the full article on the Charger Caddy, please visit the link here.

Bike Locks

One of the most important accessories for any bike is a good bike lock to ensure that your bike stays safe and sound whenever it is locked up. Pedego offers two types of locks, the Chain Lock and the Folding Lock. The Chain Lock is made of 8mm heat-treated steel chain links and fully enclosed in a water-resistant cloth cover that prevents scratches to your bike frame. Available for $99.95, the Chain Lock is perfect for locking up just one bike or multiple bikes at once, depending on your desired needs.

The other bike lock option from Pedego is the Folding Lock, which is $129. The Folding Lock is made from hardened steel links connected by rivets designed against sawing and cutting. It has a UV plastic coating that covers the lock preventing any scratches from damaging your bike. The Folding Lock also comes with a water bottle boss mount and 3 keys.

What sets Pedego’s bike locks apart? They are included in Pedego’s 5-year anti-theft warranty so that no matter what, your bike is protected.

Pedego Chain Lock

Memory Foam Seats

The Memory Foam Seats from Pedego are soft and supportive allowing you to ride further for longer periods of time, without any discomfort. Available for $59 in both black and brown, these Memory Foam Seats are sure to match whichever tire and grip color combination your Pedego bike has. These Memory Foam Seats have a built-in handle for easy lifting allowing you to adjust your seat for comfortable riding, no matter how far the destination is. These seats are a great addition to any Pedego bike, especially those that have a slimmer seat design like the Element, Latch, and Trail Tracker models.

Pedego Memory Foam Seats

Gifts Under $50

Giving someone a gift doesn’t have to break the bank because it really is the thought that counts! Listed below are some accessories that every Pedego Owner is sure to love, no matter what the price is.

Handlebar Mirror – $24.95

The Pedego Handlebar Mirror is the perfect extra gift for anyone on your list. Whether you purchase just one mirror or one for each side, you will be able to spend under $50 regardless. The Handlebar Mirror fits all Pedego bike models and offers an adjustable 360-degree viewing angle allowing the mirror to be positioned on top or below the handlebar. Constructed of high definition glass, the Handlebar Mirror provides brighter and clearer images when riding your Pedego.

Pedego handlebar mirror

Sleek Bell – $14.95

The Pedego Sleek Bell would make the perfect stocking stuffer! It fits all Pedego handlebars and with its compact and low profile design, it takes up very little space on the handlebar and is easy to reach while riding.

Pedego Sleek Bell

Thumb Throttle – $19.95

Another great stocking stuffer option for this holiday season is the Thumb Throttle. The Thumb Throttle fits any and all Pedego models and eliminates wrist and hand cramps when going for long rides. The extra-wide thumb platform makes it easy to use the throttle to get up those big hills or put some speed on your bike. This is one of the most popular accessories from Pedego, so be sure to grab one for the special someone on your list.

Pedego Thumb Throttle

Luxury Ergonomic Gel Grip – $19.95

Riding in comfort has never been easier. The Pedego Ergonomic Gel Grips are made of soft and supportive gel to help eliminate pain and numbness on your Pedego rides, making it easier to ride longer. The Ergonomic Gel Grips are offered in both brown and black, to ensure that they match any Pedego seat and tire combination.

Pedego Ergonomic Gel Grips

Grip Pedals – $34

The Grip Pedals are the perfect addition to any Pedego bike model. Offering a non-slip, double-sided grip surface, the Grip Pedals ensure that your foot never has a chance to slip off in transit. They also have reflectors on the back of each pedal for extra visibility when riding at night.

Pedego Grip Pedal

Pedego Merch – $21.95 – $34.95

Once you’re on your Pedego you will already be looking the part, but why not dress the part? Pedego Merch is the best way to do so! From t-shirts to hats, Pedego has you covered on gift options this holiday season. Pedego even has new water bottles available in black, orange, or teal to keep you hydrated on your bike rides.

Where to Buy

It’s time to go shopping, so don’t sleep on getting gifts for the family! To purchase Pedego accessories please visit or contact your local dealer.